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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Koenig HeatsBox Go

The first heatable lunchbox with rechargeable battery

HeatsBox Go is the world's first intelligent heatable lunchbox equipped with a rechargeable battery. This
gives you total independence and you can enjoy a warm meal wherever you want - in the office, in the car, in the lorry, on the train, etc.

- Heating up of the meal in only 15-25 minutes
- Bottom and side heat (90W)
- Maximum temperature 85 °C
- 925 ml inner tray volume
- Waterproof lid for the inner tray
- Intelligent on/off switch
- Weight 700 g
Size: 222 x 166 x 78 mm

2. Koenig HeatsBox Inner shell set

HeatsBox - Inner Dish Set:

Get the most out of your HeatsBox with the Inner Dish Set!

The Inner Dish Set is the perfect accessory for the:
• KOENIG HeatsBox GO
HeatsBox PRO

With HeatsBox, spice up your meal prep game using the Inner Dish Set - the ultimate kitchen companion!

If you want to have multiple inner dishes to store or prepare your food, then you need to purchase the Inner Dish Set!

Other key benefits:
• Storing leftovers in the fridge or freezer, with the leak-proof lid ensuring freshness and preventing spills.
• The Inner Dish Set is versatile and ideal for various uses as baking or reheating food in the oven, thanks to its temperature-stable stainless-steel material.

Your Inner Dish Set contains:
• Stainless Steel Dish 925ml volume
• Leak proof lid for inner dish
• Divider

3. Noveen LUNCH box Noveen LB2410 24V electric heater

The Lunch Box LB24410 Gray electric food heater is a combination of functionality and mobility. The solid and aesthetically made device is equipped with a PTC heating element that allows you to heat food up to 60 ° C within 20 minutes. The heater is closed tightly with latches that block the access of air. This keeps the food fresher for longer. Lunch Box LB24410 Gray is a solution for people who value activity and a healthy diet. It will be perfect for work, study, travel, on the plot and during camping holidays. The LB410 model has two power sources: mains 230 Volt and truck 24 Volt. 

Noveen LUNCH box Noveen LB2410 24V electric heater
Lunch boxes

Noveen LUNCH box Noveen LB2410 24V electric heater

4. Sigg Gemstone

You travel a lot, are always active, pay attention to healthy food and therefore prefer to cook for yourself? Then all you need is this chic thermal feed container from SIGG. Whether work, university, sports or climbing peaks, when you get hungry, simply unpack the Thermobox and look forward to a delicious, warm meal. The double-walled insulated warming container for food offers space for 0.75 litre contents and keeps you warm for hours. SIGG's Selenite thermal food container from the Gemstone series is as stylish and robust as real gemstones. 

5. Sigg Gemstone Box Selenite

Meal Prep or simply precook and take your favourite food with you wherever you go: healthier, tastier and cheaper! For this trend, we supply you with the perfect lunch box, which impresses with its particulary elegant apperance. The Gemstone lunch box is made of stainless steel and equipped with a removable polypropylene insert which is dishwasher and microwave safe. It also contains a lid which can be used as a mini tray. The 0.8-litre Obsidian lunch box from our Gemstone collection is as resistant and durable as stone and timeless like a gem. 

6. Minecraft P:OS lunch box, three-part PP

P:OS Minecraft lunch box, three-part PP.

Minecraft P:OS lunch box, three-part PP
Lunch boxes
Quantity discount
8.– per piece for 3 units

Minecraft P:OS lunch box, three-part PP

7. Sigg Dishes

The Food Jar made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel is a new development based on the excellent insulating properties of the Gemstone collection. As you can eat directly from the Food Jar, you're free to enjoy more time at lunch. The 0.5-litre version allows you to take complete menus with you to work - or a big and healthy mixed salad. The 0.5-litre Obsidian Food Jar is as resistant and durable as stone and timeless like a gem. 

8. Sigg Metal Box Plus S

Sigg has completely renewed the classic Sigg Food Box and equipped it with some outstanding new features. For example, a silicone insert suitable for dishwashers and microwaves and a polypropylene separator. And SIGG has also taken on the already ingenious locking system once again. 

9. Zwilling Thermo Food Jar, 700 ml, silver-white

Keeps food hot for up to 8h or cold for 11h. High quality, BPA-free materials. Anti-slip bottom for more stability and quiet storage.

Zwilling Thermo Food Jar, 700 ml, silver-white
Lunch boxes

Zwilling Thermo Food Jar, 700 ml, silver-white

10. Black + Blum Lunch Bag

Made from recycled PET (things like plastic bottle) this bag has enough capacity to carry all food and drink on-the-go items, such as a lunch box, water bottle, fruit and snacks. The sealed construction will keep the contents cool; it is also water repellent and easy to wipe clean. It can be strapped to the bike or another bag, for easy carrying.