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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Beurer HM 16

2. TFA 30.5051.02

The digital thermo-hygrometer from TFA Dostmann is an ideal measuring instrument for monitoring the indoor climate. You can easily keep an eye on the room temperature and humidity and regulate it by targeted heating and ventilation. Thus you create a comfortable and healthy living climate and even save heating costs. The simple and compact design of the thermo-hygrometer fits into every living space. The practical magnetic holder can be used as a stand or easily attached to many surfaces with the adhesive pad. With flexible magnetic holder for hanging or standing. With self-adhesive foil. Measuring range air humidity: 10 - 99%. Measuring range temperature: -10 - +50 °C. 

3. TFA Climate Monitor

For controlling indoor and outdoor climate, with indoor sensor and 3 wireless radio transmitters (max. 100 m) for monitoring temperature and humidity in up to 4 rooms, expandable to a total of 8 transmitters, maximum and minimum values, comfort zones, temperature tendency, alarm settings. Measuring range: T in 0°C...60°C (32°F...140°F), T out - 40°C...60°C (-40°F...140°F), H in/out: 20...90%. T/H transmitter: Incl. 3 transmitters, 30.3208.02, each 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries not including base station: for standing and hanging, 116x 24 (64) x 116 mm, 143 g, 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries not including, EK-EL. 

4. TFA Thermo-/Hygrometer Digital Set of 3

3 x thermo hygrometer self-adhesive foil instruction manual.

5. Stadler Form Selina

Is it dry, humid, hot or cold? Selina provides the answer. The hygrometer lady is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and measures air humidity and temperature precisely. In addition, the clock display can be switched on or off. Selina is sleek and elegant and fits harmoniously into any living environment. The slim lady convinces with a “waist” that is just 4 mm wide. Selina monitors the room climate in style and thus helps you to select the right Stalder Form appliance. 

6. Stadler Form Selina little

Is it dry, damp, warm or cold? Selina little gives the answer at a glance. This little hygrometer lady is not only beautiful to look at, but also shows how your room climate is. When Selina little gives you a smile, the humidity is optimal. An unhappy face of Selina little means that you should do something for your indoor air. 

7. TFA Info

The outdoor temperature on site is determined via the radio transmitter and shown directly on the clear display. You also have an overview of the room temperature and humidity and can regulate the room climate through targeted heating and ventilation. In this way you can create a pleasant and healthy living climate, avoid the formation of mould and even save on heating costs. The daily maximum and minimum values are permanently displayed and automatically reset after 24 hours; an additional memory with manual reset allows the observation of peak values. The device is equipped with a Swiss precision sensor and measures the humidity values particularly accurately. 

8. Philips Avent Baby thermometer

The digital bathroom and room thermometer makes it easy for you to determine the ideal water or room temperature for your baby. Your baby will feel most comfortable in bath water with a temperature between 36.5°C and 38°C. Temperatures of 39°C or more are too hot, and there is a risk of burns for your baby. Babies sleep at a room temperature of about 18°C. 

9. Aqara Temperature & Humidity & Pressure Sensor

The current data is displayed in the app. A warning message is sent to your phone when an abnormal environment is detected. Intelligent control in the Apple Home App. Compatible with other HomeKit-enabled accessories in the Apple Home App to make your life easier. Aqara Hub is required for this product to work with HomeKit technology. Together with other Aqara Smart accessories you can create different scenes. Even if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable or disconnected, the automation associated with this product will function properly as long as the hub is powered. Aqara's temperature and humidity sensor uses an industrial grade sensor supplied by the industry renowned Sensirion. The sensor has a humidity detection accuracy of ± 0.3 and a temperature detection accuracy of ± 3%. The production process is strictly monitored to ensure high quality. 

10. TFA Thermo-Hygrometer

Plastic, digital, ideal for room climate monitoring, measuring range air humidity 10...99%, measuring range temperature -10...+50°C, with flexible magnetic holder for hanging or standing, with self-adhesive foil, batteries 1x1.5V AAA not included.