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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Zeller Present Onion pots

The Zeller onion storage tin is ideal for storing the versatile onion. For longer storage, the onion must be kept dark, dry and as cool as possible. With this storage box you can easily fulfil the wishes of your vegetables and at the same time bring home a beautiful decorative item. The grey storage box is equipped with air holes to allow the necessary air exchange. 

2. Emsa 3D Clip&Close Set 3 x 1.0l

No gaps - no germs. Foods stay fresh for longer, and in addition they remain odourless and hygienically stored. Dishwasher safe. Open and close the clips without canceling. Suitable for freezing and microwave ovens. Integrated scale. Space-saving stackable. Stackable thanks to the stacking edge on the lid. BPA free. Voluntary compliance with the babycare standard - the highest standard for pacifiers and baby bottles. Made from certified raw materials (fresh specialty plastic F+). Dimensions: 3x 1.0l 19.7 x 13.6 x 20.1cm). 

Emsa 3D Clip&Close Set 3 x 1.0l
Storage containers
Quantity discount
13.80 CHF per piece for 2 units

Emsa 3D Clip&Close Set 3 x 1.0l

3. Joseph Joseph nest lock

Pratkische sets of colour-coded and leak-proof containers. The containers as well as the lids can be stacked into each other to save space. The containers have a coloured dot on the bottom, so that you can find the right lid with a handle. All storage cans are suitable for freezers, microwaves and dishwashers. BPA-free. 

4. Joseph Joseph NEST LOCK

5-piece NEST LOCK container set with airtight & leak-proof closure from JOSEPH JOSEPH. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe (in the top shelf). Can be stored very space-savingly when not in use. Made of BPA-free silicone & polypropylene. The set contains the following sizes: - 1 x 230 ml - 1 x 540 ml - 1 x 1.1 l - 1 x 1.85 l - 1 x 3.0 l 

5. Zeller Present Garlic pots

The Zeller garlic storage tin made of metal is a helpful companion for the demanding storage of garlic. It should be stored dry and in a dark place, but there must still be enough air for circulation. The storage tin made of white metal is suitable for this and other vegetables with the same preferences. The lid is removable and, together with lateral recesses, ensures that no heat can accumulate and a natural exchange of air takes place. Due to its appealing print, the storage can is also a small eye-catcher in the home kitchen. 

Zeller Present Garlic pots
Storage containers
Quantity discount
13.10 CHF per piece for 2 units

Zeller Present Garlic pots

6. Brabantia Glass jar

The contents and the quantity are visible through the clear glass. Easy cleaning because the glass container is dishwasher safe. In addition, everything stays fresh with the airtight seal. 

7. Brabantia Tasty

The Brabantia brand is aimed at all home and apartment owners. In addition to a fashionable and up-to-date appearance, the products should also enrich everyday life and, despite their appealing appearance, be primarily functional. Brabantia is originally a Dutch family-owned company with a strong focus on sustainability so that future generations can also benefit from its concepts. Brabantia also supports several charitable environmental and aid projects, for example to rid the oceans of plastic waste or to combat the world hunger problem. The company has branches worldwide, but especially in Europe, including one in Switzerland. 

8. Rosti Mepal Modula

Plastic SAN, scratch resistant, stiff and high gloss, food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, temperature min. -20°C to max. +80°C, with transparent lid and white rim. Slicing tin. Three of them. 

9. Zeller Present potato pots

The distribution company Zeller Present, founded in 1983, originally focused on various gift articles and practical kitchen aids, which were mainly made of natural materials such as cork and wood. Gradually, the range of products of the owner-managed family business was expanded and today includes various products that provide joy, relief and order in the household. 

10. Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti coffee tin Moka 98 ml, transparent, black.