Top-rated products in the Radiant heater category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Hartig & Helling BS 55 Independent radiant heater

The radiant heater ensures that your child is kept warm on the changing table. The prior radiant heater 55 of BS Hartig + Helling is equipped with heating elements 3 and can be flexibly used in the household. Since he is splash proof, the use in the bathroom is not a problem. The stand-heater has three shift speeds and a handy pull. So he can warm your child optimally, it is pivotable and can be adjusted in height. Also, security is intended. Before it can lead to overheating, the spotlight switches off automatically. 

Hartig & Helling BS 55 Independent radiant heater (650 W)
Radiant heater

Hartig & Helling BS 55 Independent radiant heater

650 W

2. Veito CH1800 RE

The infrared independent heater veito CH1800 RE with remote control gives you fast, safe and stylish warmth in your home, garage, camping on the balcony or even on the construction site.

Infrared floor heaters such as the veito CH1800 RE are ideal for conjuring up a pleasant temperature on the balcony during a relaxing film evening or a glass of wine. In addition, you can carry the veito CH1800 RE comfortably everywhere and comfortably select one of four heating levels thanks to the remote control. The big advantage of an infrared independent heater is that it warms you directly, without having to reach all the air in the room before. Thus, even when used outdoors, the heat cannot be carried away by a draught.

With an infrared parking heater it is important that you can rely on its safety. That is why the veito CH1800 RE has various safety features. The remote control also makes it possible to use the device without direct contact. A Sleep Timer gives you security if you use the infrared heater for example when reading a book and forget to switch off under the spell of the voltage.

3. Tristar Terrace heating

This terrace heating can be used both upright and mounted on the wall. It is equipped with 3 heating levels for individual settings and has splash water protection (IPX4). 

4. Veito Blade S SR2500

Infrared radiant heaters such as the veito blade 2500 do not require a warm-up phase and immediately after being switched on, they cover you with pleasant warmth. Similar to sunlight, it is not the air that is heated, but your body that is heated directly, which ensures that you are warm outdoors, even on windy days. In addition to a remote control, the infrared radiant heater also pampers you with an automatic climate control and a sleep timer, allowing you to sit back and relax. 

5. Sonnenkönig Halogen floodlight Venus

The spotlight can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. The angle of the radiant heater can be adjusted as desired.

6. Trotec IRS 2000 E

You can't get enough of beautiful summer evenings and would like to have an extension. With the IRS 2000 E infrared radiant heater, you can still enjoy being on your terrace or balcony during the transitional period. 

7. Veito CH1200 LT

With the handy infrared independent radiant heater veito CH1200 LT you can quickly and flexibly provide pleasant warmth at two heating levels in the office, in the home, at the camping site and anywhere else via a rotary switch. With its low height, the veito CH1200 LT is particularly well suited to keeping your feet warm under the desk or dining table. You can also use the handy infrared independent heater for cosy sitting together on the balcony, for heating the bathroom or camping. You can conveniently select one of the two heating levels via a practical rotary switch. The screw-on stand gives the veito CH1200 LT a firm stand in any position. Infrared parking heaters have the advantage that they do not require a heating-up phase and heat up body and materials directly. Similar to the pleasant feeling of sunshine on the skin, the air between the heat source and the heated body does not have to be warmed up first. That's why you can also use the veito CH1200 LT with rotary switch on roofed terraces, roofed tents and on the balcony to make yourself at home on cool days. 

8. Heller QA 120

For rapid heating in many areas. Heats powerfully in seconds. Pivotable - therefore optimum radiation angle. Simple wall mounting.

9. Veito CH1800 XE

The Veito CH1800 XE can be placed comfortably in the bathroom, garage, camping or hobby room if you want to get warm quickly. Choose one of the two heating levels to suit your individual needs and experience immediately how pleasant the infrared rays feel on the skin. They warm up your body directly without having to heat the entire room air beforehand, similar to sunlight. So it is not necessary to wait for a warm-up phase at any of the two heating levels. Outside, you will feel warm even on windy days. You can also position the height-adjustable infrared parking heater veito CH1800 XE at different heights depending on what you want to do. So you can, for example, let your upper body warm up while you are reading. 

10. Sonnenkönig Eco 500

With these infrared heating walls you will not only get a heating system, but also an elegant and modern designer piece in your house. Different heating strengths are offered to enable different areas of application. Compared to traditional heating methods, these heating walls have the advantage that no electromagnetic radiation is generated, thus a more balanced Oberflächentemperatur provides more safety and an optimal heat distribution. Thanks to the splash-proof design, the units can be installed in bathrooms without any problems.