Mobile radiators

Radiant heater, fan heater and radiator/radiator
Radiant heaters, fan heaters and radiators are mobile heating devices. Fan heaters and radiant heaters are used to bring heat to a specific place. The fan heater uses a fan and the radiant heater uses radiation to distribute heat. The fan heater distributes the heat better in the room and the radiant heater is much quieter in comparison. The radiator or also called radiator, convector or baseboard heater is used to heat smaller rooms evenly. Unlike fan heaters, typical oil radiators operate quietly - only the heating oil usually emits quiet sounds - because they do not have a fan.

A radiator is a mobile electric heater and can be used in addition to a permanently installed heater or as a stand-alone heater. Typical applications are rooms that are used irregularly or infrequently and where it is not worth installing a fixed heating system. These radiators serve optimally as a short-term heating solution. They are typically finned radiators, which can often be used in a mobile way thanks to casters.
There are different types of heating radiators, which are also used as a synonym of radiators. Radiators are also called radiators, convectors or baseboard heaters. We have on our online store radiators from well-known brands Sonnenkönig, mill, Dimplex, De'Longhi and many more.

Oil radiator
Oil radiators prove to be a comfortable solution, especially in smaller rooms where even heating is needed. Inside the oil radiator there is an oil (thermal oil) as a heat transfer medium, which is heated by electric current and radiates heat to the surroundings through the fins of the heating body. Compared to fan heaters, oil radiators are rather sluggish in their heat development, but due to the heat storage capacity of the thermal oil they allow a continuous heat transfer to the environment. Oil is used as a transfer medium instead of water because the latter expands less during heating. In addition, oil is a good insulator, which allows the heating resistors to be immersed directly in the oil bath, significantly improving the effectiveness of the heat exchange process. Also, unlike water, oil has less or no corrosive effect, which improves equipment life. Another reason for using oil is its lower specific gravity compared to water. Comfortable devices have additional functions and adjustment options: Thermostat function, frost monitor function, step or stepless power switch, timer/program function.

Convectors work as on the other hand with hot water and emit mainly convection heat, an indirect form of heating. Through negative pressure, the convector draws in cold air at the bottom, thus initiating a system of warm air circulation. Hot water flows through a narrow tube surrounded by aluminum fins at the bottom of the unit. The fins increase the contact with the surrounding air and act as a heat exchanger.