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1. 3 Sprouts Bento Box

The leak-proof design even allows you to pack wet foods like yogurt and dips. Its three compartments are perfectly portioned for a child’s appetite and the kid-friendly latches open and close easily. The Lunch Bento Box eliminates the need for plastic bags and keeps your child’s lunch - litterless. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

3 Sprouts Bento Box
Lunch boxes
Quantity discount
8.85 CHF per piece for 3 units

3 Sprouts Bento Box

2. Unold Lunchbox

The electric Unold Lunchbox is an excellent solution for all those who do not have a microwave in the office or are on the move a lot. Spoon and fork in the lid and the removable tin with lid for side dishes or dessert make the lunch box a small delight. In the Unold Lunchbox with a volume of approx. 1.5 litres, food can be heated up to a maximum of approx. 70°C. Lunchbox lid, cutlery, tin with lid and the removable stainless steel container are dishwasher-safe. 

3. Mepal ANCILLA

Perfect closure: 100% leakproof.
Separate storage containers.
Ideal for all snacks: yoghurt, vegetables, soup.

4. Mepal Ancilla

Enjoy a delicious lunch on the way without spilling it? With the Lunchpot Ellipse it works for sure. Ideal to take a salad with you, warm up a soup or even transport a complete meal. The Lunchpot Ellipse may be placed in the microwave (without insert) and is dishwasher safe. In any case, taking a healthy meal with you is very easy. 

Mepal Ancilla
Lunch boxes
23.40 CHF was 41.95 CHF

Mepal Ancilla

5. Mepal Fruitbox Take a Break - Nordic Denim

Mepal TAB fruit box 250 ml

With the fruit box from Mepal, taking along fresh fruit becomes child's play. The transparent box with colored lid is large enough
for a small cut apple, pear or banana. The included fruit fork ensures that children can eat the fruit pieces with clean fingers and completely. The break-proof fruit box fits perfectly in the Campus lunch box and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use (without lid).

Item details:
Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 11.3 x 8.0 x 5.0 cm
Contents: approx. 250 ml
Scope of delivery: 1x fruit box, 1x fork
Feature: dishwasher safe
Material: thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), PCTG.

Mepal Fruitbox Take a Break - Nordic Denim
Lunch boxes
24.95 CHF

Mepal Fruitbox Take a Break - Nordic Denim

6. Koenig HeatsBox

HeatsBox PRO:
World's first heating lunch box developed in Switzerland!
Heat up your food and enjoy a hot & delicious meal - anywhere & anytime!

Ideal for office
workers, students, and anyone who needs a warm meal. Through the intuitive HeatsBox APP, users can easily select the desired temperature, preferred heating process, and define exactly when their meal should be ready.

Key features included:

• Heat up your meals within only 15-25 minutes
• APP controlled
• Reheat, cook, keep warm mode
• Bottom side and top heating (100W)
• 85°C max. temperature
• 925ml inner dish volume
• Leak-proof lid for inner dish
• Smart On/Off button
• Firmware over the air enabled
• Weight: 970g
• Size: 220 x 179 x 73mm

Other key benefits:

Transport your meals to the office, school or anywhere else and warm them up easily without having to use a microwave.
The included extra lid for the inner dish is perfect for meal prepping and keeping your food fresh. Plus, you can store it in the fridge like a regular lunchbox and leave your HeatsBox at the office or else for extra convenience.

If you take meal prepping to the next level and need extra containers, we've got you covered with our Inner Dish Set!

How does it work:

1. Download the HeatsBox APP
2. Put your favorite meal in the HeatsBox
3. Plug in the device
4. Select your settings (temperature, the way you want to have your meal heated, set the timer)
5. HeatsBox will start automatically and let you know once is ready
6. Enjoy your hot meal within minutes

Your box contains:

• HeatsBox PRO
• Inner dish and divider
• Extra lid for inner dish
• Power cable
• User manual

With the HeatsBox, you can enjoy warm meals wherever you go. Try it out now!

7. Lutz Mauder Lunchbox

Made of PP, large and handy, with separate removable container. Dimensions: W 165 x H 65 x D 105 mm.

Lutz Mauder Lunchbox
Lunch boxes
Quantity discount
11.40 CHF per piece for 2 units

Lutz Mauder Lunchbox

8. Mepal Campus Lunchbox - Blue

The lunch box with removable bento insert offers even more variety for snacks at break time. The possibilities for delicious school meals are virtually unlimited. How about some fresh bread and crunchy fruit? Or a hearty snack for in between? A few cubes of cheese, pieces of sausage, nuts or dried fruit? Combine as you like and keep everything separate, because the bento insert divides the inside of the lunch box into different compartments. So everything stays fresh and tasty. Or would you prefer the "classic" four sandwiches? No problem, because you can easily remove the flexible bento insert and fill the lunch box as usual. 

9. Mepal Campus

Discover the beautiful motifs with your children's heroes. Many series highlights such as Cars, Paw Patrol, Animal Planet, Mickey Mouse and Frozen can be found on the lunch boxes and accompany your little ones through kindergarten and school. With this lunch box, variety at break time is child's play. You can fill the lunch box with up to 4 sandwiches, and the bento insert offers even more variety for school meals. This way, the break snack is always a pleasure. 

10. Mepal lunchbox campus - space