Best Micasa products in the Storage containers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Micasa products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.


The NEVIA series made of ceramic and natural cork offers you a unique selection of kitchen utensils. The storage jars offer plenty of space for your food and keep it fresh. The kitchen utensil holders offer practical storage for your kitchen utensils and are also a stylish accessory. The coasters protect your table and work surface. The onion and garlic pots are ideal for storing these vegetables in a cool, dark place, which extends their shelf life. 

2. Micasa AMEA

3. Micasa Bastia

4. Micasa MILLIANO

The MILLIANO storage jars offer you practical and durable storage solutions for your kitchen. The glass containers are microwave-safe, which makes reheating food child's play. The robust lids with plastic clip closures ensure good storage and keep your food fresh and flavoursome. Available in different sizes. 

5. Micasa STORAGE

With the storage jars with practical wooden lid of the SIMAX brand, you can ideally store numerous dry foods, from flour, sugar and herbs to pasta and rice to coffee, tea, muesli or pastries and much more. Thanks to the wooden lid, the food is sealed aroma- and air-tight for even longer freshness. The crystal-clear stylish design can be perfectly integrated into any kitchen and the easy handling in everyday use ensures a good mood when cooking and enjoying. Simax borosilicate glass has been around for more than 180 years and has an unrivalled degree of hardness. Simax products guarantee the highest hygienic food use. 

6. Micasa Noa

NOA storage containers are the perfect companion for every kitchen. With different sizes, they adapt to every storage requirement, whether for small or large quantities of food. Made from transparent plastic, they give you a quick overview of the contents without having to open the tin. The white lid with clip closure guarantees safe storage and protects your food from air and moisture. Practical, functional and stylish - the NOA storage jars are an absolute must for every well-organised kitchen. 

7. Micasa PURE

8. Micasa ELVIO

9. Micasa ZENA

10. Micasa Lekue

Stylish waterproof bag (4lt.) with ioling inside.