Milk frothers

A milk frother is a kitchen device for frothing milk. The milk frother comes in various designs. Electrically motorized models rotate a small whisk. Manual models are also available. The latter work by repeatedly plunging a sieve through the milk’s surface, thereby aerating it. 

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WMF - Lineo (25cl)

WMF - Lono Milk & Choc (50cl)

Bialetti - Milchschäumer Induktion (100cl)

Delizio - Pro (15cl)

Zyliss - Milchschäumer

Severin - Milchaufschäumer SM 9688 (70cl)

Severin - SM 3590

Melitta - Cremio (25cl)

Bialetti - Tutocrema (16.60cl)

Clatronic - MS 3326 (45cl)

Rösle - Multischäumer

Cilio - Aerolatte

WMF - Stelio (250cl)

Severin - SM 9685 (70cl)

Melitta - Cremio (25cl)