Milk frothers

A milk foamer or milk frother is a kitchen appliance for producing milk foam. If you have a fully automatic coffee machine or a sieve carrier machine with milk system, you do not need an additional milk frother. This is because these machines usually have a milk foaming system or a steam nozzle, with which a good milk foam can be produced. However, if your coffee machine does not produce milk foam and you are a lover of milk drinks such as cappuccino or latte macchiato, you will need to buy a milk frother. What are the characteristics of good milk froth? You can recognise good milk froth by the fact that it goes with every sip of coffee instead of getting stuck in the cup. Its consistency should be fine pored and creamy. Good milk frothers conjure up milk foam with exactly this consistency. The milk frother is available in different versions, either hand-operated or electric. A clear advantage of the hand-operated frothers is that they can be operated without a socket or batteries. They generally consist of a heat-resistant container and a lid with a sieve rod attached. By moving the stick up and down you pump the milk foam by muscle power. As these models are quite small and compact, you can easily store them and take them with you when travelling. On Galaxus you will find well-known brands such as Bodum, Bialetti and Cilio that offer good hand-operated milk frothers. If you want to do without manual work and prefer to be more comfortable, you can buy an electronic milk frother. With these appliances everything works at the touch of a button. You simply fill in the milk, turn the milk frother on and wait a short time until your milk foam is ready. These models are particularly suitable for larger households and frequent drinkers, as they are the fastest and easiest way to produce milk foam. On the other hand, they are more expensive to buy and sometimes more difficult to clean than manually operated solutions. Well-known brands like WMF, Melitta and Severin offer good milk frothers on Galaxus.