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Electric kettles

Kettles are electric kitchen appliances that allow water to be heated particularly quickly. They have either a heating element based on the principle of immersion boiling or a heated bottom plate of the boiling vessel.

The most common kettles are electric kettles made of stainless steel or plastic. However, kettles made of glass, chrome steel or ceramic are also available. Stainless steel kettles are usually well insulated, have high quality finish and are very durable. They are very quiet compared to ceramic water kettles and have a shorter boiling time. Plastic water kettles are usually a bit cheaper, but also produce more noise due to the plastic insulation. Glass water boilers look very high quality, have a neutral taste and usually have a very long life. An important criterion when choosing a kettle is whether it has a manual temperature control. This can be very useful when preparing tea or baby food.

The whistling kettle or flute kettle is also a kettle, but unlike the electric kettle, it is used with heat from the outside on a stove or open fire. To ensure that the water is heated quickly, whistling kettles have thinly worked bottoms to improve contact with the heat source. The name of the whistling kettle comes from the steam whistle that can be put on it, which signals with a whistling sound that the water has reached the boiling point by the steam.

If you want to boil not only water, but also occasionally tea, kettles with tea strainer are suitable. These are 2-in-1 electric kettles that both boil water and include at least one strainer to prepare tea with.

For tea lovers who make a lot of black tea at home, tea makers and tea kettles are recommended. Turkish tea makers consist of a kettle and a teapot that sits on top of the kettle. The water is heated in the lower part and later poured into the teapot filled with tea so that the tea can steep. When the tea is ready, some tea is poured into the tea glass and the rest is filled with hot water from the kettle. The higher the proportion of tea in the glass, the stronger and darker the black tea will be.

A special form of tea maker is the samovar. The word comes from the Russian language area and consists of the words "samo" (German: "itself") and "war" (German: "to cook"). The samovar is a traditional tea and water kettle, which is ornately decorated. It consists of a large boiler and a teapot. The classic stainless steel samovar is powered by wood or charcoal. However, nowadays electric samovars for closed rooms are more common. While the principle of tea making is the same for all samovars, they differ especially in appearance. Russian samovars are still nostalgically decorated, while Turkish samovars have adopted a modern style.