A bowl is a common open-top container used in many cultures to serve food, and is also used for drinking and storing other items. They are typically small and shallow, although some, such as punch bowls and salad bowls, are larger and often intended to serve many people. 

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Pyrex - Ramequin (10cm, 0.20l)

Revol - Löwenkopf (11.50cm, 0.35l)

Lockweiler - Bowl (24cm, 2.70l)

Broste Copenhagen - Nordic Sea

Westmark - Wasserbad-Schmelzschale (11cm, 0.40l)

Kitchen Craft - Puddingform (1.10l)

Ekobo - Gusto Solo (17cm)

ROSTI - Margarethe (24cm)

Pebbly - Salatschüssel (30cm)

Interio - MIYOKO

Kitchen Craft - Puddingform (1.70l)

Emsa - Hefeteig (29.50cm, 5l)

Arda - Circle

Riess - 0303-573 (14cm)

Ekobo - Gusto (28cm)