Best products in the Bowls category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Silit Gourmet

Gourmet is the name of WMF's diverse kitchen helper collection. The products of the simple series complement your kitchen equipment with important helpers. Brewing sieve, egg header, peeler or garlic press - Gourmet has the right kitchen helpers ready, as always in proven WMF quality made of Cromargan, glass or high-quality plastic. Mixing and kitchen bowls made of Cromargan, stainless steel 18/10 have very good usage properties. They are extremely dimensionally stable, resistant to food acids, odourless and tasteless, hygienic and dishwasher safe. Professionals appreciate these qualities very much. Contents: 1x kitchen bowl each, 16, 18, 22 and 24 cm. 

Silit Gourmet (24 cm, 4 x)

Silit Gourmet

24 cm, 4 x


2. Genius Stainless steel bowl set

This modern stainless steel bowl set is ideal for storing, preparing or transporting your food. Thanks to the folded edge there are no sharp edges and the silicone bottom gives the bowls a secure stand in every situation. Bring freshness and variety to your kitchen. Whether for salads, snacks or much more - these high quality bowls can be used in a variety of ways and are always an absolute eye-catcher thanks to their modern colour accents. The perfectly matched plastic lids transform your stainless steel bowls into practical storage containers. On the inside of each bowl there is a practical measuring scale that makes dosing easier. For space-saving storage, the bowls can be stacked inside or on top of each other. The entire set is dishwasher safe and food safe.

This set contains:
1 x bowl small, orange (Ø 16 cm, height 10 cm, capacity 1 litre)
1 x Lid small - Orange
1 x bowl medium size, turquoise (Ø 18 cm, height 11 cm, capacity 2 litres)
1 x Lid medium - turquoise
1 x bowl large, red (Ø 22 cm, height 13 cm, capacity 3 litres)
1 x lid large - red

Genius Stainless steel bowl set (22 cm, 3 l, 3 x)

Genius Stainless steel bowl set

22 cm, 3 l, 3 x


3. Relaxdays Kitchen Accessory Set

18-Piece Kitchen Set

This set is perfect for cooking and baking alike. You can use the measuring cups and spoons to take precise measure. They feature both metric
and American measuring units to make sure that you are best equipped for any recipe. You can use the bowls for preparing dough, cream, salads and more. Thanks to their chic designs, these bowls are also eye-catching when used for serving. The containers can also be sealed off to keep your groceries fresh for longer. 

Relaxdays Kitchen Accessory Set

Relaxdays Kitchen Accessory Set


4. Westmark Water bath melting bowl

Do you love chocolate sauces? But you don't have the right tool to make them yourself? Then you need the water bath and melting bowl from Westmark. Simply melt the chocolate in a water bath without it turning grey. With two pouring nozzles for left- and right-handers. 

Westmark Water bath melting bowl (11 cm, 0.40 l, 1 x)

Westmark Water bath melting bowl

11 cm, 0.40 l, 1 x


5. Dr. Oetker Dessert Shapes

The moulds, each with a capacity of 150 ml, have 2 functions thanks to the lids. With the help of the small lids, a vacuum can be released in case of a fall, the large lids serve to protect the aroma. The uncomplicated and classic design also makes cleaning the pudding moulds child's play, as they can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. 

Dr. Oetker Dessert Shapes (8 cm)

Dr. Oetker Dessert Shapes

8 cm


6. WMF SaladSet 3-piece small

WMF Salad bowl set 3 pieces small, colour: transparent, silver, material: glass, stainless steel, set, diameter: 23.5 cm.

WMF SaladSet 3-piece small (23.50 cm, 3 x)

WMF SaladSet 3-piece small

23.50 cm, 3 x


7. Cucina & Tavola GLAZE

Cucina & Tavola GLAZE (15.50 cm, 1 x)

Cucina & Tavola GLAZE

15.50 cm, 1 x


8. Sandra Rich Bowl on foot

Bowl on foot by Sandra Rich made of glass in clear.

Sandra Rich Bowl on foot (24 cm)

Sandra Rich Bowl on foot

24 cm


9. Cucina & Tavola Classic

La porcelaine se distingue par
son bel éclat brillant, sa solidité et
sa résistance.
Conseils d'entretien
Les lignes de vaisselle de Migros
qualité élevée et excellente
finition. En apportant le soin approprié,
la porcelaine bénéficie d'une
longue durée de vie. Pour éviter les
rayures inesthétiques, il suffit de
mettre une serviette en papier
entre chaque couvert. En cas de
lavage en machine, il convient
d'ouvrir la porte du lave-vaisselle
immédiatement après la fin du
Phénomène d'abrasion
L'utilisation d'un couteau sur une
assiette ou d'une cuillère dans une
tasse peut entraîner l'apparition
de petites rayures noires. Celles-ci
sont le résultat d'une abrasion et de
résidus d'amidon.

Cucina & Tavola Classic (14 cm, 1 x)

Cucina & Tavola Classic

14 cm, 1 x


10. Bitz Bowl

Color: Blue, Green, Black, Orange, Material: Stone, Set: Yes, Diameter: 10 cm.

Bitz Bowl (10 cm, 4 x)

Bitz Bowl

10 cm, 4 x