Veito CH1800 RE

1700 W

The infrared independent heater veito CH1800 RE with remote control gives you fast, safe and stylish warmth in your home, garage, camping on the balcony or even on the construction site.

Infrared floor
heaters such as the veito CH1800 RE are ideal for conjuring up a pleasant temperature on the balcony during a relaxing film evening or a glass of wine. In addition, you can carry the veito CH1800 RE comfortably everywhere and comfortably select one of four heating levels thanks to the remote control. The big advantage of an infrared independent heater is that it warms you directly, without having to reach all the air in the room before. Thus, even when used outdoors, the heat cannot be carried away by a draught.

With an infrared parking heater it is important that you can rely on its safety. That is why the veito CH1800 RE has various safety features. The remote control also makes it possible to use the device without direct contact. A Sleep Timer gives you security if you use the infrared heater for example when reading a book and forget to switch off under the spell of the voltage.

Key specifications

Heating capacity
1700 W
Radiant heater category
Electric + infrared heaters
Exact colour description
Black, Silver
Radiant heater type
Free standing
Application range
Indoor, Outdoor
Number of operating levels
4 x
Room area
18 m²
Item number