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Dyson Small Ball Multifloor


The Small Ball Multifloor weighs only 5.4 kg and is easy to store. Two rows of cyclones work simultaneously to increase the air flow. In this way, more microscopically small dust particles can be absorbed. Thanks to Dyson Ball technology, the vacuum cleaner turns to the point. Central steering mechanism for greater control and smooth steering. Dyson cyclones filter particles up to 0.5 micrometers in size from the air - such as pollen, mould spores and bacteria. Cleaner exhaust air than the air you breathe. No follow-up costs as the purchase of filters and bags is not necessary. Quick and hygienic emptying of the container at the push of a button.more


Key specifications

Vacuum cleaner typebagless
Power consumption850 W
HEPA filterYes
Cable length9.67 m

General information

Manufacturer Dyson
Product type vacuum cleaners

vacuum cleaners

Classic floor vacuum cleaners use an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust, dirt and air. Bag vacuum cleaners filter the dust and dirt particles out of the air. Various attachments provide optimal cleaning for different surfaces such as hard floors, carpeting and upholstery.
Bagless vacuum cleaners (e.g. Dyson, Electrolux or Samsung) create centrifugal force in the air flow, which separates dust and particles from the air. Cyclones remove particles up to a size of 0.5 microns. In contrast to bag vacuum cleaners, their bagless counterparts have no suction loss. Furthermore, there are no additional costs as no bags are needed.

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Item number5752124
Manufacturer no.213762-01
Release date15.05.2016

Vacuum cleaner properties

Vacuum cleaner type
Dust absorption on carpeting

Dust absorption on carpeting

The carpet cleaning class shows how well the vacuum cleaner cleans a standard carpet. Since carpets are more difficult to clean, different values apply than for hard floors. For Class A of the EU energy label, the cleaning performance is 91 percent for dust absorption on carpets. The value decreases by 4 percentage points per class. For class G it must still be at least 67 percent. From September 2014, a minimum value of 70 percent will be required for carpets, and from 2017 at least 75 percent.

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Dust absorption on hard surfaces

Dust absorption on hard surfaces

The hard floor cleaning class on the energy label for vacuum cleaners shows how well the machine cleans on smooth surfaces, such as laminate, parquet or tiles. The power is measured at maximum suction level on a wooden plate with a diagonal crack. The difference between the individual classes is three percentage points each. From September 2014, vacuum cleaners on hard floors must have a cleaning performance of at least 95 percent for absorbing dust on hard floors. From 2017, the minimum value will rise to 98 percent.

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Dust emission

Dust emission

The dust emission class of a vacuum cleaner shows how clean its exhaust air is. The value indicates how much of the absorbed dust is emitted by the device. The filter effect / quality is essential here. If the unit belongs to Class A, less than 0.02 percent of the dust sucked in is returned to the room at maximum air flow. For class B it is between 0.02 and 0.08 percent. In class G, the value is more than 1.0 percent. From 2017 vacuum cleaners may not blow out more than 1.0 percent dust again.

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Noise emission

Noise emission

Acoustic emission (AE) is the sound waves produced when a material undergoes stress (internal change), as a result of an external force. AE is a phenomenon occurring in for instance mechanical loading generating sources of elastic waves. This occurrence is the result of a small surface displacement of a material produced due to stress waves generated when the energy in a material, or on its surface is released rapidly. The wave generated by the source is of practical interest in methods used to stimulate and capture AE in a controlled fashion, for study and/or use in inspection, quality control, system feedback, process monitoring and others.

More information...

86 dB
Filter/dust bag volume
0.80 l
Cable length
9.67 m
HEPA filter
Suction power
84 W

Power supply


Power supply

All power supply related details.

Power consumption
850 W
Annual power consumption

Annual power consumption

Indicates how high the power consumption is when vacuuming a floor area of 87 m2 per year 50 times.

29 kWh / a

Energy declaration

Energy efficiency class

Product line

Product line vacuum cleaners
Dyson Small Ball

Delivery contents

Delivery contents
Crevice nozzle

Crevice nozzle

The tool is especially suitable for cleaning grooves.

More information...

brush nozzle
Brush head with suction power regulation
removable tube

Product dimensions

28 cm
35.80 cm
80.80 cm
5.50 kg

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User Anonymous

Was ist im Lieferumfang enthalten? Ist für Hartböden (Keramikplatten & Parkett) eine spezielle Bürste zu empfehlen?

1 answer
User Nermin Krivic
Accepted answer

Im Lieferumfang enthalten ist eine Kombi-Zubehördüse (Fugendüse,Bürstdüse) und eine Polsterdüse. Für die Reinigung von glatten Hartböden wie z.B. Keramikplatten oder Parkett kann die elektrische Bürstwalze ausgeschaltet werden. Eine flexible Parkettdüse kann auch nachgerüstet werden (siehe Link Dyson Flexible Parkettdüse.)


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