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Cloer elektrisch

Rating on Cloer elektrisch.

User s.antonio

Very pleased with the product

There are two types of coffee grinders:
- the chopping type just like this one where the more you keep the button pressed the finer the coffee gets.
-the "stone" ones with grinders that theoretically grind the coffee to a specified size. Usually you can modify the settings and that should give you the same grind size every time.

Now, unless you buy a more expensive model starting at 130Fr the grind on the stone grinders is not very even and the price difference it is not really reflected in the quality.

Among the chopping coffee grinders, this Cloer model is, in my opinion, the best buy.
I bought 4 so far.2 for my parents and two for me.
Because the cup is made of stainless steel and is removable, I can wash it in the dishwasher or by hand and I am able to use it for grinding coffee, spices, powder sugar, bee products etc. Just anything that needs to be chopped.

For coffee, after a while you will get used on how to get the same grind every time.
I am also pleased with the build quality.
I am using this model for about a year now.


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