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Dog toys

It is often forgotten that the dog is descended from the wolves and it is in his genes to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. Be it in the forest, on a meadow or even on the open railing: Your dog enjoys freedom and needs free running to give in to his natural instincts.

In our assortment you will find various ways to give your dog the exercise and workload he needs.

Training prevents diabetes, arthritis, overweight and other diseases. It is therefore essential that you keep your dog busy and give him exercise. With the right dog toy you can train him playfully. Intelligence toys train the senses and promote your dog's intelligence. This toy uses your dog's sense of hearing, sight and touch.

Chewing toys are not only fun, they also care for your teeth. The natural chewing movements on the dog toy allow the food residues on the teeth to be removed. The food ball is one of the most popular dog toys. Through the persistent chewing, depending on the mechanism, a snack jumps out as a reward. Ropes are also very popular. By constantly biting and pulling your quadruped, it cares for its teeth and gums. There are also squeaking toys for your dog. The so-called squeakers: With every bite, the toy squeaks and provides play, fun and joy. Browse through our assortment and find the right toy for you and your quadruped. In addition, it has frisbees, food labyrinth, swimming toys and much more.