Dog food

What is wet dog food?
Wet dog food is wet food for your dog. It has a higher water content than dry dog food, but does not keep for as long. Depending on the recipe, wet dog food can contain different
amounts of vegetables, meat or cereals. If there is any moist food left in your can, you should store it in a cool place. Otherwise it spoils faster.

mixed feeding with dry dog food
To introduce a mix into your dog's diet, you can add and mix wet dog food to the dry food. The wet food serves as a second source of water for your dog and provides the necessary water for your dog's digestion when he eats dry food.

Advantages of wet dog food
Thanks to the high water content of the wet dog food, your dog's feeling of satiety is more quickly brought into play and thus supports the diet. In summer your dog needs more water. With the wet food, your dog can absorb even more water.

Wet dog food for special needs
Do you have your puppy or a needy dog? For every phase of life, size or for special needs you will find a huge selection of wet dog food in our range. For example, you can support your puppy's bone structure with certain vitamins. Depending on the ingredients, you can also find wet food for sensitive stomachs or even for special breeds.