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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Tecnodidattica Atlantis

Classic illuminated globe with double image effect: when the globe is unlit, the cartography appears physical, when the globe is lit, it appears political. Real wood base, extra large globe and meridian with metal effect.

Tecnodidattica Atlantis (30 cm)
50.–was 53.90

Tecnodidattica Atlantis

30 cm


2. Columbus Children's Globe

The Terra children's globe arouses curiosity and communication, creates excitement and also provides many answers. Next to each of the illustrations suitable for children is a number. This is explained in the accompanying booklet. Daru¨ber there is also exciting information. Which is the highest mountain, the longest river or how heavy is a rhino, how fast is an alligator? When the light is switched on, the terra children's globe with its many colours creates a pleasant atmosphere in the children's room. 

Columbus Children's Globe (26 cm)
47.90was 53.–

Columbus Children's Globe

26 cm


3. Micasa Globe

Cork globe. Simply mark future travel destinations or an itinerary on the map with the supplied pins.

Micasa Globe (20 cm)

Micasa Globe

20 cm


4. Globus

5. Clementoni Exploraglobe

French, age recommendation from: 7 years.

Clementoni Exploraglobe (32.50 cm)

Clementoni Exploraglobe

32.50 cm


6. Tecnodidattica Uranio

Classic illuminated globe with double image effect: when the globe is unlit, the cartography appears physical, when the globe is lit, it appears political. Mountain ranges in relief, to look at and touch, for a perception that involves all the senses.

Tecnodidattica Uranio (30 cm)

Tecnodidattica Uranio

30 cm


7. Clementoni Interactive globe

A completely new design for this beautiful interactive world map with optical pen. The transparent sheet lights up when the globe is on. Children can discover the world and learn more about continents, countries, capitals, surfaces, populations, currencies, languages, territories, heights, time differences and other interesting facts. With more than 500 questions in 3 different difficulty levels, children can test their acquired knowledge. Learning becomes simply fascinating thanks to the new design, excellent audio quality and more than 3 hours of informative audio content, interesting facts and music from around the world. Thanks to the new free app, children experience a heightened sense of reality. When viewing the world map through a tablet or smartphone, the child can see animals, monuments and different cultures. 

Clementoni Interactive globe

Clementoni Interactive globe


8. Buki Day & Night

Buki Planetarium globe day & night.

Buki Day & Night (21 cm)

Buki Day & Night

21 cm


9. Suck UK Cork

The map is kept very simple. However, cities and countries are easy to find for the interested globetrotter and can be marked with the pins provided. The globe has a diameter of 25 cm and a stainless steel base. Party in Goa? Diving on the Great Barrier Reef? Safari in Tanzania? Stick the pin in and find the next destination. Impress your guests. The perfect gift for all globetrotters, backpackers and travel addicts. 

10. HCM Kinzel Inflatable Globe Maxi

With this globe, children learn about the countries of the world through play. The globe in original and colourful design, teaches the countries, continents, seas, capitals and latitudes of the earth. Also included are three fun game suggestions to make learning easier.

HCM Kinzel Inflatable Globe Maxi

HCM Kinzel Inflatable Globe Maxi