Piggy banks

Piggy banks have charmed their way into the homes of people young and old, providing an adorable and tangible way to teach the value of saving money. Traditionally known as "penny banks," these quaint receptacles hold coins and bills, serving as both decorative elements in a room and as functional tools for financial literacy. Children often receive piggy banks as early gifts, learning to appreciate the importance of stashing away a portion of their allowance or monetary gifts over time. Meanwhile, adults might use piggy banks to collect spare change, gather funds for a specific cause or goal, or simply as a whimsical accent in their personal spaces.

When on the hunt for the perfect piggy bank, material and motif play pivotal roles in a customer's decision-making process. Those who prefer a natural and classic ambiance may be particularly drawn to banks crafted from wood, which offer both durability and timeless appeal. The motif is another deciding factor, with animal-shaped banks—like the ever-popular piggy or the quirkier options like foxes and lions—keeping watch over savings with charm and character. To discover the ideal penny bank, customers can filter their search according to these properties, making it easier to pinpoint a bank that resonates with personal style or the intended theme of a gift.

In our assortment, esteemed brands present an array of unique and delightful piggy banks that cater to varying preferences. A Little Lovely Company delights with its Fox penny bank, radiating whimsy and warmth. KCG captivates with the sleek Piggy bank - black money, presenting a modern take on the classic form. Sombo offers practicality with its Piggy bank with hammer, adding an interactive twist to the savings retreat. For those with an adventurous spirit, G. Wurm provides the Travel fund piggy bank, inspiring dreams of future travels. And for children who adore the wild, Weizenkorn's Lion Simba piggy bank stands ready to guard their growing fortune with a friendly roar. These brands, among many others in our selection, offer both visual appeal and the endearing promise of accumulating wealth, one coin at a time.