Best Tempur products in the Pillows category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Tempur products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Tempur Original

This sleeping pillow from Tempur is specially designed for back and side sleepers. It provides optimal support for the neck and spine. The sleeping pillow offers maximum comfort as the material adapts to your body shape. This relieves you of pressure and provides optimum support for the head, neck and shoulders. With the pillow you relax your muscles completely, which leads to a relief of shoulder, neck and back complaints. The ideal pillow for a peaceful and restful sleep. The company Tempur developed the pressure-absorbing material, which was discovered by Nasa in the 70s, and made mattresses from it. The company has continuously expanded its range and today also offers an exclusive range of cushions, with the perfect cushion for everyone. 

2. Tempur All-Around SmartCool

Tempur Sleeping Pillow All-AroundManufacturer \r\nTempur Sealy Schweiz AG \r\nRössliweg 29B \r\nCH-4852 Rothrist \r\n.

Tempur All-Around SmartCool (60/56 x 50/48 cm)
173.70 CHF was 199.– CHF

Tempur All-Around SmartCool

60/56 x 50/48 cm

3. Tempur Shape sleeping pillow

Ergonomic pillows provide optimal support and can relieve discomfort in the head, neck and shoulders. Each pillow serves a specific purpose. Choose the pillow that suits your needs. 

Tempur Shape sleeping pillow
124.– CHF

Tempur Shape sleeping pillow

4. Tempur Curve

The shape of the curve on the shoulder side and the length of the Tempur Sonata sleeping pillow correspond to the range of motion of the head and neck. This pillow is always where it should be, even with many changes in position and positioning. Optimal for side sleepers. With double jersey premium cover, washable (60°C). 

5. Tempur Arch SmartCool

The gentle slope of this pillow is suitable for most sleepers looking for extra support. The Tempur Extra-Soft material provides a medium-soft lying sensation.

Tempur Arch SmartCool (43 x 63 cm)
224.– CHF

Tempur Arch SmartCool

43 x 63 cm

6. Tempur Shape Queen SmartCool

Tempur Shape Queen SmartCool
141.– CHF was 203.– CHF

Tempur Shape Queen SmartCool

7. Tempur Millennium

This makes shoulder contact with the pillow narrower and stabilises the neck and neck area with pressure-relieving comfort.

Tempur Millennium
89.– CHF

Tempur Millennium

8. Tempur Comfort

Tempur Advanced material for even better pressure relief. Ideal for back and side sleepers who want even better pressure relief and support. The Tempur material reacts to body and room temperature. Please bear in mind that it will therefore feel softer on warm summer nights and firmer in the cold winter months. Cooling, removable SmartCool cover, washable at 40° C. All Tempur pillows are made in Denmark. 

Tempur Comfort (50 x 70 cm)
173.70 CHF

Tempur Comfort

50 x 70 cm

9. Tempur Original Junior

Are you looking for restful sleep? Then you have found the right solution here. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped pillow and the unique Tempur material, the neck and shoulder muscles are optimally supported and also provides the pressure relief you need. As soon as you change position, the pillow quickly adapts to the new posture. Suitable for side and back sleepers. To optimally determine your pillow size, measure the length from the neck to the end of the shoulder. This will give you the height you need at the front. The original Tempur sleeping pillow was developed together with physiotherapists. The core of viscoelastic foam adapts in an instant to any neck and head shape and provides optimal support and pressure relief. Ideal for side or back sleepers. With double jersey premium cover, washable (60°C). 

Tempur Original Junior
63.90 CHF

Tempur Original Junior

10. Tempur Sonata

The shape of the curve on the shoulder side and the length of the cushion correspond to the radius of movement of the head and neck. Optimal for side sleepers: The Sonata cushion is also suitable for many position- and change bearings always where it should be.