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    Pia's Picks: a new maritime look for your soft furnishings

    by Pia Seidel

Seat cushions

Upholstered seat cushions or foor cushions serve as a comfortable and convenient pad on a chair, office chair, garden chair or armchair, garden lounge, deck chair or bench in both indoor and outdoor areas. Seat cushions can be made of various textiles such as cotton, linen, felt or polyester. Besides, seat cushions are also interior accessories that underline the personal style of living or set colourful highlights in the garden. Lounge or pallet cushions, usually in the size 80x120 cm, are suitable for sitting area made of wood or Euro pallets that you can buy or build yourself. Even though some models are weatherproof, it is recommended to store all floor cushions in waterproof garden boxes or indoors to protect them from moisture and sunlight. Furthermore, ergonomic seat cushions made of foam or air, which relieve your spine while sitting, are highly recommended. The best-selling brands are Acamp, Beo Garden, Violan, House Doctor, Bloomingville and Bischof-Gross.