Key safes + key cabinets

Key safes + key cabinets

A key safe provides a safe space for one or several keys. It’s ideal for keeping keys close to the front door without compromising on safety or security. The days of keeping keys under the doormat, tucked away under a stone or in the flowerpot next to the entrance are over. A small and robust key safe can be hidden or at least discretely mounted near the entrance to your house or flat.

These everyday helpers come in handy when you forget your keys and accidentally lock yourself out of your own home. In addition, there are many different situations in which you cannot be directly present at home yourself. Examples could be: Children coming home from school early, an elderly or injured person being dependent on a visit from a nursing service, builders who need to do some minor work, etc.

Key safes are also popular for holiday homes and Airbnb, for example. After all, with the help of this small box, there’s no need to organise a personal handover of the keys between different parties. Instead, a house key can be handed over securely and independently from one person to another.

When it comes to locks, the majority of models differ in two types of locks: electronic number combinations (push buttons) or mechanical number combinations (number wheels) – most key safes being models with number wheels. The advantage of secret codes is that several people can gain access independently of each other and at the same time there are no duplicate keys in circulation.

Key safes are usually mounted outside by drilling holes in the wall and screwing through the inner back wall. Removal is therefore basically only possible when the small safe is open. However, there are also key safes with a shackle lock. These are somewhat less safe but can be repositioned daily if necessary and can also be fixed in unusual places.

While key safes are mainly used in private environments, most businesses, companies, school buildings, etc. use key cabinets or key boxes. A key cabinet can be locked and can store a large number of neatly and logically arranged keys. Since in many cases, a key is also required to open the cabinet, key cabinets are particularly suitable for indoor use.

The emergency key box is also relatively common in certain businesses or institutions. Although, strictly speaking, the key is locked into the box, it can be easily accessed in an emergency by breaking the glass pane. Our range includes products by well-known key safe brands such as Abus, Rieffel, Burg Wächter or Master Lock in our range.