Parasol stands

We offer the right parasol stand and parasol accessories by leading brands such as Glatz, SunComfort by Glatz, Doppler, Cinas, Jan Kurtz, Skagerak or Umbra. In addition to classic parasol bases, we offer various balcony clamps, also known as balcony umbrella stands or balcony parasol stands, offering an easy and secure way of attaching your parasol to the railing or balcony wall. Find the right parasol stand for your needs:

- parasol stands with a base or plate made of granite, concrete or metal
- simple cross-shaped stands, which are weighted down with slabs or sand bags
- parasol stands with a plastic base, which is filled with sand or water
- a ground socket, which is embedded in the ground and set in concrete
- a spike stand, which is stuck into the ground like a spike

You will also find the matching accessories such as reducing rings to adjust the required diameter of the parasol pole or tenterhooks to stabilise the parasol.
When you're buying a parasol stand, make sure the base is heavy enough. The required weight depends on the size of the parasol and is usually indicated on the parasol base. If the base is heavy, it's worth making sure it features wheels to make it easy to move the base. When the stand isn't in use, the pole should be closed to prevent dirt and water entering and thus minimise any waterlogging or rust in the pole. Looking for a protective cover for your parasol? Go to «Weather covers».