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To enjoy the summer in the garden, on the balcony or on the beach, the right sun protection is important. And the best protection is still shadow. The easiest way to obtain flexible, UV-resistant sun protection is with a parasol.
You can buy a variety of parasols from us. Height-adjustable, tiltable traffic light umbrellas, umbrellas with articulated joints or cane umbrellas bring the shade exactly where you need it. With fresh designs, fringes or stripes you can also set accents in your outdoor area. Also for the holidays you can buy a new beach umbrella from us.

When buying a Parasol, make sure that the base is included or not. If it is not included, it is important that you decide on the correct weight of the base (depending on the size of the glider) and that the pole diameter fits. There are also umbrella stands with castors, simple stand crosses that are weighted down with concrete floor plates or lawn tips, ground anchors as well as ground sockets that can be easily inserted into the ground.

We recommend protecting the shade provider with a suitable protective cover when not in use.
In our assortment you will find a selection of umbrellas of the brands Suncomfort by Glatz, Doppler, Cinas, Jan Kurtz, Skagerak Denmark, Fatboy and many more.