In the past, skins were mainly used during cold days because of their warming function. Skins are by nature temperature regulating, dirt-repellent and have a very high self-cleaning power. But not only in winter a fur has its special function. Today, in addition to their warming properties, skins are often used as decorative textile accessories in the living area. Both in the original, natural colours and in a dyed version, as an eye-catcher on the floor or on a piece of furniture. Hides are by-products from the meat industry. The animals are slaughtered for the meat production and not for their fur. The suppliers from the Galaxus assortment guarantee their own production or to cooperate only with selected and certified suppliers who hold the following certificates ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, BLC Reach, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, Woolmark Interior & Warp