Buy a blanket online that ensures a restful and healthy sleep. It's worth investing time in choosing the right blanket, duvet or bedspread. Before you buy one, you need to know what sleeping type you are and what blanket size and format you prefer. Choose your blanket dimensions according to the size of your bed (single or double bed). Our bestselling sizes are 160x210cm, 200x210cm, 240x240cm. Would you rather have a summer, winter, all-year or 4-season duvet (double blanket)? If you live in an apartment with underfloor heating, it's often not necessary to have a winter duvet, as these are particularly warming. Do you generally freeze or sweat in the night? The heat points (1-5) help you to find a duvet that suits your individual needs. A duvet with goose or duck down filling feels particularly warm and cosy and ensures a perfect balance of moisture. When buying a down duvet, make sure it has a high proportion of down, as down ensures your blanket is breathable and light. The higher the quality of down filling, the lower the weight of the blanket is. Eiderdown is the highest quality down filling. These fluffy feathers are hand-picked from the animals' nests. In case of allergies, new wool, linen, camel, bamboo, silk or polyester duvets are recommended. Natural duvets are especially skin-friendly and provide a natural sleeping climate. Sustainable blankets are also available: vegan bedding. There's a large selection, ranging from organic cotton, linen, bamboo, Tencel and kapok to mixed quality. Free of animal materials, toxins, chemical additives or pesticides, you will fall asleep with a clear conscience in the future. You will find a wide range of blankets and duvets by brands such as Billerbeck, Dauny, DOR, Christian Fischbacher, Swiss Dream, Hefel, Albis, Böhmerwald and Schlossberg. 

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Lara 4 seasons
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Feelings by billerbeck Lara 4 seasons
billerbeck Edition Djana
Lina Uno
billerbeck Edition Lina Uno
Rheumatism Indicator
billerbeck Rheumatism Indicator
Cooling Duvet 182 x 121 cm
Gravity Cooling Duvet 182 x 121 cm
Bamboo Uno
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billerbeck Bamboo Uno
Pino Cassette
billerbeck Edition Pino Cassette
Käthy Light
Feelings by billerbeck Käthy Light
Thea Medium
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billerbeck Edition Thea Medium
BSC 80 Caro Medium
Swiss Dream by billerbeck BSC 80 Caro Medium