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Dining table

The dining table is the centre piece of your home. It’s not just where you eat but also where you sit, work, play and communicate. Last but not least, a dinner table is used for any parties, festivities and celebrations. Whether you are looking for a dining table that’s white, made of solid wood, partially solid or stylish and trendy materials, such as glass or ceramics, be inspired by the numerous models in our range. Get your kitchen table online and browse the price ranges from inexpensive to exclusive.

How many people do you want to seat around the table? Before buying, you should determine the size of the table. You normally calculate a width of 60 cm and a depth of approximately 40 cm per seat. Add around 20 cm in the middle of the dining table for decoration, pots and pans or keys. This will add up to a comfortable depth of 1 m.

The table height is also decisive if you want to feel comfortable while having a meal. Dining room tables are usually about 74 to 78 cm high (measured from the top edge). Most chairs are around 46 cm high (seat height) and match a 76 cm table perfectly. To ensure that guests are comfortably seated, it’s advisable to keep a distance of 30 cm between the seat height and the upper edge of the table.

If you have a small kitchen and still want to have breakfast there, a folding table might be the solution. Some space-saving models with drawers even offer extra storage space. In the living or dining room, extendable dining tables are particularly practical if you have little space but lots of guests.

The right table shape: round or square tables provide plenty of space for lively discussions among all guests. But this only works if the dining table is not too large: the larger the table, the greater the distance between people sitting opposite each other. This can make communication more difficult. Furthermore, these type of tables can soon feel bulky.

The rectangular table shape is probably the most popular. And rightly so: it makes perfect use of corners and niches. Oval tables are comparable to rectangular tables in terms of space utilisation.

Find the right dining table for your needs from many brands such as SIT Möbel, Zago, Dutchbone, Skagerak Denmark and others.