Children's cushions

We have a wide range of children's pillows in our offer. In our children's pillows we distinguish between the different types of pillows: Decorative pillows, head & neck pillows and heat pillows. The children's pillows often differ in shape and size. Thus, the pillows are adapted in size and shape to baby and children's heads. For babies, it is important that the pillow is flat and cuddly soft after birth. This allows the head to bend less and the spine is not bent. In addition, it is recommended to choose a pillow that is washable. When choosing the size of the pillow, make sure that it can lie freely in the bed and does not stick up at the edge of the bed. The heat pillows can be warmed up and thus help with abdominal pain, constipation, cold feet, cramps, flatulence or colds. They support a restful sleep. In the case of decorative pillows, we have various shapes and patterns. The shapes are varied from cloud-shaped, star-shaped, animal-shaped, moon-shaped, heart-shaped to square or rectangular decorative pillows with beautiful motifs.

We have children's pillows from well-known brands like Lorena Canals, Liebes von Priebes, baby's only, Grünspecht, Efie, Theraline, Warmies, ZEWI bébé-jou, Sterntaler, NICI, Micasa and many more in our range.

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