Bonmedico Orthopedic seat cushion

45 x 35 cm

The orthopedic seat cushion has a recess to expose the coccyx, which relieves pressure when sitting and promotes a healthy sitting posture by naturally straightening the spine. It is a helpful support for the treatment of pressure ulcers by serving to distribute pressure as part of pressure ulcer prevention, therapy and follow-up treatment. It also provides support for coccyx injuries, among others, and promotes circulation. The pressure management seat cushion is an innovative gel/memory foam hybrid. The ergonomic ticking consists of a cooling gel layer and is supported by a base of compressed viscoelastic foam compound. The coccyx cushion also features a removable velour cover with zipper. The seat cushion is versatile. Among other things, it is ideal for the office chair in the office, dining room chair or wheelchair. Furthermore, it is ideal for travel in the car, plane or train or simply as a booster seat. Thanks to the practical anti-slip floor surface, it also does not slip. Thus, not only frequent seat users benefit from it. A carrying handle makes it easy to transport the cushion. The outer cover can be washed at 60 °C in the washing machine. Composition: cushion: 100% 45D polyurethane memory foam with inserted polyurethane gel layer on top, inner cover 100% polyester jersey; outer cover: 100% polyester, non-slip bottom of 100% polyesterwith silicon gel nubs.

Key specifications

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Memory foam, Polyamide, Polyester
45 cm
35 cm
7 cm
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