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Organising made easy with a «pyjama pole» from the Bernese Highlands

Any design that turns two pieces of furniture into one and simultaneously saves space gets maximum points from me. This definitely applies to a creation by Swiss designers Lars Villiger and Andreas Pfister.

Clothes that have passed the sniff test and can be worn a second time round often aimlessly wander about the apartment. This is where «Krindenhubel» comes into effect. It’s a clothes stand and wash basket in one.

This makes the pyjama pole, made from Swiss beech and pine wood, a valuable everyday companion. Set it up in the bedroom or kids room and use it as a stopover for worn garments. It also works in the entrance to deposit jackets and scarves. What’s more, the basket offers plenty of space for shoes or umbrellas.

The purist design makes «Krindenhubel» suitable for many interior styles.
  • Krindenhubel
  • Krindenhubel
  • Krindenhubel
CHF 250.–
Eicherland Krindenhubel


  • approx. 8 – 10 days

If ordered immediately.
Information subject to change.

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«Krindenhubel» is not alone

The Eicherland collection consists of several designs that prevent chaos yet require little space. This killer combination is the speciality of design collective Eigenwert, which designs for the brand from the Bernese Highlands. Pure and careful handling of the natural materials and minimalist shapes speak for themselves.

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Pia Seidel, Zurich

  • Teamleader Loki
I'm an aesthetics cheerleader who shakes her pom-poms for anthying that is art, design or fashion. When I’m travelling, I love to dive into the magic of new places and seek out the latest trends on the streets or at trade fairs. On a more daily basis, I enjoy decorating my home and listening to podcasts. For instant relaxation, I jog along the beautiful river Limmat – water is my element.

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