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Dress like the Night's Watch – with our rugs

Jon Snow and the Night's Watch wear thick fur capes to keep warm. Now the lead costume designer of the series has revealed that these capes are actually rugs from Ikea. Of course, we sell these kinds of rugs, too.

Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive TV shows of all times. Each episode costs an estimated $10 million. To make sure we don't have to miss out on epic battles and special effects, they're cutting down on other aspects. Jon Snow's cape is one of them. Ned Stark's bastard son and the rest of the Night's Watch wear dark, shaggy capes to protect them from wind and weather.

Michele Clapton, lead costume designer of the series, has now revealed that what looks like shaggy fur is really just an Ikea rug. She explained:«These capes are actually IKEA rugs. It's a bit of a truth. We take anything we can».

The rugs were cut, waxed and frosted to create a more authentic, worn-in look. Of course, we sell these kinds of rugs, too. If you're not pretending to be Jon Snow, try placing the rug on a chair. It looks rather pretty and is very comfortable, too.

New Zealand Sheepskin The Long-Wool Rug Collection
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Natures collection New Zealand Sheepskin The Long-Wool Rug Collection
The number 1 living accessory in winter: Sheepskin from New Zealand wool. The long wool is particularly soft and will add a touch of luxury to your sleeping and living quarters.


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User Anonymous

Das ist genau das was ich an eurem Shop liebe. Ihr verkauft nicht einfach alles mögliche (ich denke hier wieder an das 200l Fass WD40) sondern macht es auf eine Witzige und nahbare Art und Weise und mit genug Humor. Will nicht wissen wie viel ich bei euch schon ausgegeben hab aber werde es weiterhin

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