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1. Ideal folding machine 8306

Suitable for DIN A4 or 12" formats. Paper qualities from 60 g/m² to 115 g/m². Fold-out feeding table for 150 sheets of paper. Folding speed 115 sheets/minute. Easy setting of fold types via symbols and colour codes. Automatic switch-off with display when housing parts are opened. Automatic limit switch-off. Simple operation via start/stop switch. Display with error messages. Counter for addition (total counter) or subtraction (preset counter). Additional selectable test run function: if desired, two paper pages can be folded in advance for testing purposes. Belt delivery with adjustable paper ejection roller for controlled stacking of folded paper. 

2. Ideal Folding machine 8324

Powerful office folding machine for DIN A4 with quick selection of the fold type.

3. Ideal 8345 folding machine

-All settings of the folding machine can be carried out conveniently, quickly and easily via this touch screen.
-Selection of six different fold types with automatic
setting (fold positions are approached electrically).
-Automatic format recognition for six DIN formats (A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, B6).
-Memory function for 36 automatic fold positions that can be called up at the touch of a button (6 fold types x 6 paper sizes).
-variable adjustable folding speed.
-folding capacity from 1,800 - 14,400 sheets per hour (with A4 single fold).
Fold-down feeding table for up to 500 sheets of paper with two adjustable side stops.
-Two additional stops with guide rollers for large formats.
-Friction paper feeding system with three rubber rollers.
-Paper ejection with belt delivery and 3-fold adjustable ejection roll.
-LCD display with four-digit counter (total counter or preset counter).
-Additional selectable test run function: if desired, two paper pages can be folded in advance for testing purposes.
Automatic switch-off when moving parts of the housing are opened.
-Automatic limit switch with optical and acoustic signal.
-Automatic error and paper jam display with detailed description via touch screen. -folding rollers with quick release: the folding rollers can thus be removed quickly and easily - this facilitates and simplifies regular care and cleaning.
-Dimensions at rest (H x W x D): 480 x 650 x 545 mm.

4. Hefter Systemform Paper jogger HEFTER Systemform PJ 3000 with blowing air

Paper jogger HEFTER Systemform PJ 3000 with blowing airRobust jogger with ionized blowing air, adjustable inclination, foot pedal and timer. HEFTER Systemform PJ 3000 paper jogger with blast air Digital prints, documents, papers, sheets are often statically charged after printing and adhere to each other accordingly, which above all makes rapid and trouble-free further processing difficult or impossible. The PJ 3000 jogger (jogger) uses high jogging force, strong separating air and an ionizing device to ensure very good sheet separation and smooth piles even with highly charged papers. The jogging and blowing air intensity can be varied continuously. Highlights of the PJ 3000 paper jogger (blowing air) Paper sizes: min. 125 x 176 mm; max. 320 x 450 mm Pile height up to 90 mm Antistatic ionizing device Jogging strength variable Jogging table inclination adjustable Separating air intensity adjustable Drive: unbalanced motor Lateral control panel Operating modes: interval, continuous and by foot switch Floor-standing model on castors Dimensions: 405 x 410 x 1090 mm. 

Hefter Systemform Paper jogger HEFTER Systemform PJ 3000 with blowing air
Folding machines

Hefter Systemform Paper jogger HEFTER Systemform PJ 3000 with blowing air

5. Superfax Folding machine PF-440, format A3

Folding machine Superfax PF-440, format A3Robust and reliable folding machine for papers up to A3 format. 3 feed rollers, contact pressure and speed adjustable in 5 steps. Folding machine Superfax PF-440 table folding machine with manual fold type adjustment for paper sizes up to A3. The PF-440 is an extremely reliable folding machine, which is used worldwide in offices, clubs, copy stores, home printers. The PF-440 is manufactured in Japan to Superfax specifications. The PF-440, in contrast to the visually identical folding machines, has the great advantage that the contact pressure of the friction feeder can be adjusted in 5 steps. This means that a wider range of papers can be processed. As an option, the machine can be equipped with the SF-Z2 special feeder, which additionally facilitates the processing of smooth papers. Equipment features: 6 fold types (single, wrap, zigzag, double parallel, outside and altar fold) Formats from B6 to A3 Compact and space-saving design Foldable paper tables and pull-outs With shingled delivery Paper feed continuously adjustable in 5 steps 5 speed levels Quiet operation Robust and reliable TECHNICAL DATA PF-440 Paper weights 45 - 160 g/m2, with single fold up to 220 g/m2 possible Format max. 297 x 432 mm Format min. 61 x 128 mm (single fold) Speed 8000 - 900 sheets/h (depending on fold type), adjustable in 5 steps Loading capacity approx. 350 sheets Machine weight 33.5 kg Machine dimensions 870 mm x 530 mm x 520 mm (L x W x H) Power supply 230 V, 75 watts. 

6. RECOsystems Bookletmaker CSTEK BookletMac

Bookletmaker CSTEK BookletMacBookletmaker for up to 20 sheets. Format A6 to A3+. Can be equipped with up to 4 stapling heads (2 included). Bookletmaker CSTEK BookletMacCompact and reliable bookletmaker for paper sizes from A6 to A3+.Simply insert up to 20 sheets of paper: The BookletMac folds and staples in one pass and then ejects the finished booklet. The position of the stapling heads can be easily adjusted to the paper size. The unit is supplied with 2 stitching heads. Optionally, the BookletMac can be equipped with up to 5 stapling heads.The BookletMac can be used for block stapling in addition to saddle stitching. The triggering of the folding/stapling process is done either manually at the push of a button or automatically via the built-in photocell.The on-board tool is located in a drawer at the bottom of the device, so that it is always at hand. Documents Datasheet. 

7. Hefter Systemform Folding machine TF MEGA-A Plus

Folding machine Stapler Systemform TF MEGA-A PlusFolding machine up to A3 format. 7 different fold types, incl. cross fold (fully automatic adjustment). Up to 14'400 folds per hour. Folding machine HEFTER Systemform TF MEGA A Plus The TF MEGA-A Plus is the convenient and extremely cost-effective solution when it comes to versatile applications in the office, in a mailroom or in a copyshops. Thanks to the fully automatic buckle plate adjustment, it is child's play to operate. With an output of up to 14,400 folds per hour, it is also extremely fast. This folding machine can handle all the usual types of fold. The desired fold type is set automatically via the control panel of the TF MEGA-A Plus. If necessary, additional fold fine adjustment can be made at the touch of a button. In order to be able to process different paper thicknesses reliably, not only the contact pressure of the paper feed can be adjusted, but also the separating pad. The integrated shingled belt tray is also automatically adjusted - depending on the paper format and fold type - and is thus always optimally set. It has a capacity of up to 300 sheets. Video of the predecessor model. 

Hefter Systemform Folding machine TF MEGA-A Plus (A6, A4, A3, A5)
Folding machines

Hefter Systemform Folding machine TF MEGA-A Plus

A6, A4, A3, A5

8. Cyklos Paper jogger Cyklos JOGGA 450

Paper jogger Cyklos JOGGA 450Paper jogger in SRA3 format with blowing air. Table model. Ideal for copy stores, scan centers, in-house printers, etc. Paper jogger Cyklos JOGGA 450 The device is designed as a compact table model and is used wherever paper needs to be processed easily and trouble-free. The JOGGA 450 is a solid device, manufactured by Cyklos-Maschinenbau and has the CE certification. Technical data: Paper size: up to SRA3 (320 x 450 mm) Paper weights: 50 - 400 g/m² Max. pile height: 70 mm Jogging intensity: continuously adjustable Blower strength: continuously adjustable Jogging table inclination: continuously adjustable Connection: 230 V / 50 Hz Dimensions: W 365 x D 475 x H 615 mm Weight: 27.6 kg. 

9. Hefter Systemform Folding machine TF MEGA-M plus

Folding machine Stapler Systemform TF MEGA-M plusFolding machine up to A3 format. 7 different folding types. Up to 14'400 folds/h. Variable speed. Folding machine HEFTER Systemform TF MEGA M plus The solid and robust folding machine TF MEGA-M plus from HEFTER Systemform is a highly economical solution when it comes to folding even larger quantities quickly and precisely in the office or mailroom.The TF MEGA-M plus is versatile and easy to operate. This folding machine can be used for paper formats up to DIN A3.The setting of the two buckle plates is done in seconds: with the help of a self-explanatory scale. Each buckle plate is also equipped with a fine adjustment option to ensure perfect folding results every time.A built-in shingle tray ensures neat storage of up to 300 folded sheets. It is adjustable - according to different formats and fold types.The TF MEGA-M plus processes the inserted paper stack at an adjustable speed of up to 14,400 sheets/h. The capacity of the automatic stack feeder is sufficient for max. 500 sheets. A sheet counter provides information on the number of sheets processed.In addition, the TF MEGA-M plus has a preset counter with interval function. This allows the machine to operate at a constant speed with a short pause at set intervals, so that the operator can conveniently remove a fixe number of folded sheets, without stopping the machine.Video. 

Hefter Systemform Folding machine TF MEGA-M plus (A4, A3, A5, A6)
Folding machines

Hefter Systemform Folding machine TF MEGA-M plus

A4, A3, A5, A6

10. PF-P3110 folding machine

Folding machine HORIZON PF-P3110Very fast A3 table folding machine. Quiet operation thanks to internal folding pockets. HORIZON PF-P3110 tabletop folding machine, A3 format With an output of up to 15,000 sheets/h, the Horizon PF-P3100 folding machine is not only very fast, but also quieter than comparable tabletop folding machines thanks to the inside buckle plates.High-quality technology and construction as well as an innovative design make the PF-P3100 a truly exceptional folding machine. The PF-P3100's innovative LED-assisted fold type adjustment makes setting the six selectable standard fold types (in 4 paper sizes) quick and easy. Simply select the paper size and fold type on the control panel and the LED fold position indicator will show you the correct setting of the fold pockets. Thanks to the clever design, maintenance is also child's play and you don't need any tools to do it. TECHNICAL DATA PF-P3110 Paper weights 52 - 160 g/m2 (single fold) 52 - 130 g/m2 (double fold) Format max. 302 x 430 mm Format min. 65 x 108 mm Speed max. 251 sheets/min (for A4 format) Loading capacity 30 mm, approx. 330 sheets 80 g/m2 Machine weight 37 kg Machine dimensions 945 mm x 540 mm x 322 mm (L x W x H) Power supply 230 V, 0.4 A.