Document shredders

No matter whether you want to protect your company against data misuse, dispose of old files or sort out the papers you no longer need at home, there are various criteria to consider when choosing the right document shredder. The following documents should be shredded:
Personal documents

- Bank account and credit card statements
- EC and credit card receipts
- Utility bills
- Expired credit cards
- Copies of identity documents
- Expired identity documents
- Old pay slips

Company documents
- Financial reports
- Customer lists and patient files
- Employee data such as CVs and pay slips
- Invoices and credit card receipts
- Marketing and product development plans
- Etc.

To help you choose the right shredder for your needs, answer the following three questions:
1. Where is the document shredder used?
2. What are your security requirements?
3. Which additional functions make shredding easier for you?

Document shredders can be used in the office or at home. It is important to consider in advance how many people will use the shredder and how much paper will be shredded in one go.

The operating time of a document shredder describes the time that a device can run without stopping before it has to cool down for technical reasons. As a general rule, a shredder that is used regularly by several people in the office needs to have a longer service life than a device for occasional private use. The sheet capacity describes the number of sheets that can be destroyed at one time. The higher the capacity of a shredder, the faster a stack of paper can be shredded.

The security requirements depend on the level of confidentiality of the documents. The security levels defined according to DIN standard 66399 will help you to select the right shredder.

A strip cut paper shredder cuts an A4 sheet into approx. 36 strips and makes documents unreadable. A particle cut or cross-cut shredder provides greater protection as these particles are difficult to reassemble.

For particularly confidential documents, we recommend a microshred shredder that cuts an A4 sheet into over 2,000 tiny pieces. For secret documents and extremely high security requirements, there are shredders with security levels 5 and 6.