Best products in the Cardboard envelopes + Bubble bag category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Antalis Bubble envelope

Bubble envelope made of lightweight bubble wrap. Suitable for delicate items such as watches, CDs, books, etc. Protects against shocks, moisture and dirt. Stable, elastic and self-adhesive. 

2. Mailmedia Air cushion envelopes

Shipping of sensitive goods such as data carriers, promotional gifts, tools, etc.

3. BüroLine Bubble bag size 3

The bubble envelope from BüroLine with an inner layer of PE bubble film and an outer layer of kraft paper safely protects your shipment.

4. Antalis Owo-Zet

Type: Shipping envelope, Detail color: Brown, Environmental criteria: Recycled, Packaging unit: 50 pieces, Paper size: 24 x 31.5 cm.

5. BüroLine Luftpolstertüte

6. Antalis Shipping envelope Owo

Protection of the shipped goods against bending, shocks or dirt.

7. BüroLine Bubble bag size 4

Outer layer kraft paper, inner layer PE bubble wrap, with practical Trifix closure, white, size GR. 4, outside mm 200 × 275, inside mm 180 × 265, accessories no, number (pcs.) 10, material paper, type bubble bags, outside dimensions 200 x 275 mm, inside dimensions 180 x 265 mm, colour white. 

8. Mailmedia electrode 570

MAILmedia bubble envelopes, type A11, white, 8 g Outer dimensions: 120 x 175 mm, inner dimensions: 95 x 165 mm (411100).

9. Arofol Bubble bag grass paper

Bubble envelope grass paper.

10. BüroLine Air bubble bag

The air bubble bag size 2 from BüroLine with an inner layer of PE air bubble film and an outer layer of kraft paper protects your goods safely. The practical Trifix closure ensures easy and quick handling.