Top-rated products in the Packaging materials category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Neutral Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap from Neutral for precisely fitting packaging of sensitive objects. The bubble wrap protects your goods so that they arrive safely at the recipient. 5 m x 50 cm. 

2. Herlitz Bubble wrap film

Bubble wrap film 5m x 40cm. PE bubble wrap 70µ. 1 roll, in polybag.

Herlitz Bubble wrap film (1 Piece)
Packaging materials
Quantity discount
5.75 per piece for 3 units

Herlitz Bubble wrap film

1 Piece

3. Bächi-Cord Recycling cord

Ball, very tear-resistant.

Bächi-Cord Recycling cord (1 Piece)
Packaging materials
Quantity discount
1.50 per piece for 4 units

Bächi-Cord Recycling cord

1 Piece

4. Topgrip Sealed bag

Made of PE, harmless to destroy, with quick-release fastener, food safe, thickness 50 micron. 75 x 90 mm.

5. Papeteria Hemp cord 60m

- Hemp cord, flax polished
- Twisting: single twist
- Tear strength: approx. 12kg.

6. Elco Bubble wrap

Seetal Elco bubble wrap, for packaging, shipping and protecting, sensitive items. Made of plastic, 5 x 0.4 m.

7. Puag Stretch film

Particularly high quality, stable, transparent PE stretch film. Ideally suited for transport and load securing even of irregular loads and as protection against dust, dirt and theft. 

8. Elco packing silk pac-it

For stuffing and as an intermediate layer for scratch-sensitive surfaces, made of 100 % recycled material, sheet size 500 x 750 mm. Package of approx. 250 sheets (2.5 kg). 

9. Brieger Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap in rolls protects sensitive surfaces such as pictures, metal, furniture or sports equipment from scratches. Protects against dust and moisture and fills gaps. 

10. Aircap Bubble wrap

AirCap barrier layer bubble film can be used as cushion protection, intermediate layer and surface protection. Ideal protection for delicate and fragile products. The barrier layer reduces air loss in the nap and guarantees long-term cushioning protection. The film can be torn off cleanly and straight in cross direction (knife and scissors not necessary).