Top-rated products in the Cardboard envelopes + Bubble bag category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Antalis Bubble envelope

Bubble envelope made of lightweight bubble wrap. Suitable for delicate items such as watches, CDs, books, etc. Protects against shocks, moisture and dirt. Stable, elastic and self-adhesive. 

2. Compex Luftpolstertasche 18/H, weiß, 260 x 360 mm, 39 g

Compex standard battery with 4 cells. Compatible with the following new devices: Compex SP2.0, Compex SP4.0, Compex Fit1.0, Compex Fit3.0

3. Outdoorchef Electrode cable

Electrode cable ignition cable for gas grills, year of construction 2013-2016 Ambri, Ascona, delta, Geneva, Leon, Montreux, Munich, Paris deluxe, Porto, Venezia, by Outdoorchef. 

4. Elco Air bubble bag

Bubble wrap envelope made of paper. Equipped with practical adhesive, material separation is possible.

-dimensions: size 13 / 150x215mm
-colour: white
-Weight: 11g

5. Elco Pac-it SAFE 7

Mailing bag with self-adhesive closure and tear-off tape made of sturdy, kink-proof cardboard.

6. Mailmedia Papierpolstertasche Sumo G, braun, 225 x 340 mm

7. Elco Pac-it Safe 3A

Mailing bag with self-adhesive closure and tear-off tape made of sturdy, kink-proof cardboard.

8. Antalis Bubble wrap sandbags D/14 gold

These envelopes are ideal for sending promotional gifts, CDs, DVDs, paperbacks, watches, jewellery and more.

- Sturdy and elastic envelope made of strong yellow
kraft paper
- Inner padding made of lightweight polyethylene air cushion film
- Protects products from shocks, moisture and dirt
- Stable, elastic, high strength
- Internal dimensions of 180 x 265 mm (approx. DIN-A5)

9. BüroLine Luftpolstertüte

10. BüroLine Air bubble bag

The air bubble bag size 2 from BüroLine with an inner layer of PE air bubble film and an outer layer of kraft paper protects your goods safely. The practical Trifix closure ensures easy and quick handling.