Glue rollers

Glue rollers offer a precise, clean, and convenient solution for bonding paper, photos, and cardstock, without the mess associated with traditional liquid glues. Perfect for craft enthusiasts, office workers, and students alike, these adhesive tools come in both permanent and non-permanent varieties to suit different project needs. Glue rollers are especially valued for their ease of use, allowing quick application with a smooth rolling action that provides a consistent layer of adhesive. They are a go-to choice for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and securing important documents.

In our online shop, we feature an array of highly regarded glue roller brands and their top-selling products. Tombow's Maxi Power Tape is designed for a stronghold, ideal for tasks requiring a durable bond. Pritt's Refill Roller permanent ensures longevity and value, with refillable cartridges that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Tesa's Kleberoller permanent, nachfüllbar is another refillable option that delivers strong adhesion for users who prioritize the ability to reuse and reload their tools. For practicality and convenience, BüroLine presents the Glue roller, boasting 8 meters of adhesive tape ready for immediate application. Lastly, Herma's Glue dispenser Vario is celebrated for its versatility, catering to various adhesive needs with precision and reliability. Whether for home, school, or office, our selection of glue rollers caters to all your sticking requirements with efficiency and ease.