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«Hippo» – so cute you've just got to have him

Not only will this lovable little animal make you smile, he’ll also double up as a true all-rounder in your home.

Do not underestimate this hippopotamus. He may look like a toy at first glance but there’s a lot more to «Hippo» than you might think: He’s a doorstopper and will prevent your windows from slamming shut because of a draught. Unlike conventional models, this universal weight is designed to make you smile. At the office, your stocky friend will cheer things up and outshine any standard paperweight or bookend.

«Make your life funny and easy» is the motto of home accessory brand «Züny». As they’re dedicated to the animal kingdom, the company only uses imitation leather for their products. Each hippo is unique – just like the idea to make a doorstopper in the shape of an animal. Because all of them are made by hand, no two are identical and they each come with a personal identification number.

Hippo will melt everyone’s heart. Whether he’s sitting on a shelf or your desk at the office. Image: Züny

  • Paperweight HIPPO
  • Paperweight HIPPO
  • Paperweight HIPPO
ZÜNY Paperweight HIPPO
True all-rounders: These handmade imitation leather darlings are door/window stoppers, paperweights and bookends in one.


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Information subject to change.

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Pia Seidel, Zurich

  • Teamleader Loki
I'm an aesthetics cheerleader who shakes her pom-poms for anthying that is art, design or fashion. When I’m travelling, I love to dive into the magic of new places and seek out the latest trends on the streets or at trade fairs. On a more daily basis, I enjoy decorating my home and listening to podcasts. For instant relaxation, I jog along the beautiful river Limmat – water is my element.


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User Anonymous

ich fände den Dino viel cooler... 😉

User Lizarazu3

+1 Stimme für den Dino hier.

User danielhuser

Need Dino!

User Pia Seidel

Das leite ich gerne weiter und melde mich, falls wir den Dino auch noch in die Familie aufnehmen können :)