Technology books

"Technology" can mean:

the totality of man-made objects (machines, devices, apparatus, etc.);

a special ability in any field of human activity (skill, dexterity, agility, etc., e.g. physical: technique
of long leap; mental: technique of mental calculation; social: technique of management)

a form of action and knowledge in any area of human activity (planned, rational, repeatable, etc.);

the principle of human world empowerment.

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- Das Lego® Mindstorms® EV3-Labor

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- Regelungstechnik für Ingenieure (Manfred Reuter)

- Visual Storytelling im Business

- Taschenbuch der Elektrotechnik

- Flipchart Kurs

- LEGO®-Roboter

Franzis - Motor Klassiker

- Sicherheit und Prüfung von SAP-Systemen

- SAP für Energieversorger

- SAP Real Estate Management

- SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

- Unternehmensplanung mit SAP BPC

- SAP-Schnittstellenprogrammierung

- SAP S/4HANA Finance