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Cinema commercials can now be booked at any time, even while on the go, simply by pressing a button. Select your region, spot length and the number of contacts to reach and your advertisement will appear on the largest screens in Switzerland for 5 weeks! Weischer.Cinema promises great cinema!

The Touchpoint Cinema is a relevant and effective medium for moving image advertising.
Based on the 2014 advertising impact study by a major media agency, the following three impact indicators of cinema commercials are crucial:

1. Cinema is a home for big pictures, sounds and emotions. Commercials on the big screen leave a particularly powerful impression in the minds of the viewers, which then has a positive influence on brand awareness.
2. Cinema offers a good platform to implement emotional brand experiences and stagings, which live on due to word of mouth and through spot contact. It is not for nothing that the study shows that cinema commercials are talked about 4 times more often than TV advertisements.
3. Apart from the emotional quality, cinema can also create relevant incentives to buy, because the spot in the cinema reaches a well-funded target group with high receptivity.

In addition to the great impact of the medium, cinema commercials also ensures fair and transparent pricing. The proven 100% contact guarantee in the cinema allows advertising contractors to pay only for the actual cinema audience in their chosen environment "cost per visit".
Furthermore, brands in the cinema exploit unrestricted investment security "Brand Safety". Thus, advertisers have precise knowledge of the environment in which their brand is found. Without additional ad blocking and as a one-screen medium, an unforgettable presentation of the advertisement on the big screen is guaranteed.
Advertising in the cinema is highly visible and is viewed almost continuously. This was shown by an eyetracking study from the year 2018, whereby the intensity of the viewing advertisement was measured. In the cinema, 98% of all subjects keenly watched the commercial spots. Cinema commercials thus guarantee full perception with stable CPM.

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Cinema commercials at Zurich (left of the Limmat)
Weischer.Cinema Cinema commercials at Zurich (left of the Limmat)
Cinema commercials at Zurich (right of the Limmat)
Weischer.Cinema Cinema commercials at Zurich (right of the Limmat)