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1. Baby Brezza Bottle formulator

Doses, mixes and heats at the touch of a button. Function hot water only. 3 temperature levels: Room temperature - body temperature - warmer temperature. Variable amount of the bottle per 30 ml. The container for the powder is airtight. It is not necessary to fill it with each bottle. 

2. Babymoov Nutribaby Plus

The Nutribaby+ is more than just a food processor. It is the helper for preparing meals for the whole family. You can use it even before birth to provide your child with healthy nutrition from the very beginning. The Nutribaby+ is very easy to use. The Nutribaby+ offers 5 functions in one: the steamer (1) provides healthy, balanced meals, the blender (2) prepares soups, purees and compotes, the heating function (3) warms up to 3 bottles and jars, the steriliser (4) sterilises up to 3 bottles and accessories and the defrost function (5) warms up previously prepared meals. The appliance also offers the largest capacity on the market: 1,500 ml in the cooking container and 600 ml in the mixing container. This means that the Nutribaby+ can also be used later for preparing meals for children and adults (there are inserts for cooking eggs, for example). The cooking cycle is timed and not based on the amount of water. The steam cooking inserts allow ingredients to be cooked separately for just long enough to preserve flavour and nutrients. You can adjust the cooking capacity with the accompanying removable plates. The practical and intuitive LCD screen makes it easy to use the various functions, displays the remaining cooking time and can save the last cooking time. Here, one button corresponds to one function. The blender works by pressure in the upper part of the container and can also be used independently of the steamer. It can steam and mix at the same time. Its soft grip surface ensures a good handle. The automatic switch-off is announced by an acoustic and visual alarm. The two separable units also make it easier to organise in the kitchen. Babymoov provides an app Babymahlzeiten-Rezepte and a blog free of charge, which give delicious ideas for baby meals according to age. 

3. Philips Avent 4-in1

Philips knows that nutritious food is essential for your baby's healthy development. With the Philips Avent steamer and blender you can easily prepare delicious home-cooked meals according to your baby's needs. Steaming is a healthy way to cook. Our unique technology allows steam to circulate from bottom to top, so all ingredients are cooked evenly without boiling. Taste, consistency and cooking liquids are preserved for mixing. Everything you need to prepare healthy baby food can be found in a single cup. Once your ingredients are steam cooked, all you have to do is lift the cup, turn it over and lock it so you can puree the cooked food to the desired consistency. From very finely pureed fruits and vegetables, to a combination of ingredients such as meat, fish and pulses, to more solid foods, our 4-in-1 baby food maker supports every stage of development. 

4. Babymoov Nutribaby One

5. Philips Avent 4-1 Food preparer

The appliance offers four functions in just one cup: steaming, blending, reheating and defrosting. Once the ingredients are steamed, they can be easily pureed: Lift the cup, turn it upside down and lock it - gently cooked food can be pureed to the desired consistency. The cup is comparatively large with a capacity of 1000ml for steaming (solid food) and 720ml for blending (liquid). So you can prepare up to four meals in one go. Whether pureed or solid food, the baby cooker helps you to prepare homemade food for baby or toddler gently and quickly. You will be notified by a signal tone when one of the four functions has been carried out. Cup and knife are dishwasher safe. The water tank is centrally located under the cup and is therefore even easier to fill and clean. 

6. Fill'n'Squeeze Starter Kit

The patented Fill n Squeeze Weaning Baby Food Pouch Maker has been cleverly designed for the mum who wants to give her little one home prepared healthy and nutritional food to eat. The pouch maker can be used for weaning babies and up through infancy - Kids love eating from the fun and colourful designed pouches - whether at home or on the go. Home prepared food no longer needs to be frozen in ice cube trays - the Pouch Maker allows you to fill fun and colourful pouches with your own creations. The system is simple, versatile and mess free and the pouches can be refrigerated, frozen and are microwaveable. The reusable pouches can be easily cleaned and resealed making them an economical way of giving your child healthy and nutritional food. 

7. Beaba Babycook Original Suisse

A meal can be prepared in just 15 minutes, with 4 functions, steam cooking, mixing, thawing, heating and a capacity of 600 ml. With patented system cable compartment with spatula, mix cover and recipe book. 

8. Beaba Babycook Suisse

The all-rounder when it comes to baby food. The new Babycook Suisse is the latest model in the Babycook series. In contrast to the Babycook Original, it is slightly larger and has a completely new design. If you value freshly prepared baby food, then the Babycook is just right for you. You can prepare fresh and healthy baby food in no time at all. No matter whether you steam, mix, warm or defrost, the Babycook combines all these functions. And it's as simple as that: Cut vegetables into large pieces and place in the basket Put the required water in the container provided Start the steaming process. (approx. 15 minutes) Take out the basket and put the vegetables in the bowl Start the mixing process until the desired consistency is reached As soon as it is cooked, the whole thing is clean again Simply remove the mixing bowl, basket and knife with a handle and put them in the dishwasher Wipe the rest with a cloth and it is ready for the next use. Tips: cook two portions at once, one portion can easily be kept in the fridge for a day the bigger the vegetables are, the more vitamins are left in them. if you cook potatoes, the juice should not be used for pureeing They can also steam meat (except chicken, which should be prepared separately) add some oil or butter to the finished porridge and later on you can season the porridge as you wish Why a porridge cooker? Fresh porridge every day, and in no time at all no loss of vitamins due to freezing for too long the appliance needs very little space ideal for travelling and holidays only one appliance is needed, no blender, no extra pan. 

9. Beaba Neo

Thanks to the unique modulable steam system, nutrients and taste of the ingredients are optimally preserved, fast and healthy cooking, in less than 20 minutes. Mixing, puréeing, chopping depending on age, your baby eats finely mixed, mashed or coarsely chopped food. A powerful and fast mashing process that enables different textures: finely mixed - mashed - coarsely pureed. With the Babycook Néo you can easily obtain the desired texture. Simply press the mix button more or less often and adjust the amount of boiling water. Thanks to the double blade, no pieces get caught under the blade.

You can easily defrost and warm up in a jar or steam basket. The glass bowl has a capacity of 1.25 litres. Defrost with soft team system. Thaws safely and gently without changing the taste of the ingredients. Easy as pie! Simply heat the food to be thawed in the jar or the Béaba portion container in the steam basket of the Babycook Néo. Warm up with soft team system. With Babycook you can easily warm up the food for your child: Place the food portion in the Béaba portion container or small jars in the steam basket and allow to warm up.

10. Philips Avent Combined steamer and blender

You can easily prepare healthy homemade babyfood with the Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender: first steam fruit, vegetables, fish or meat and then simply lift and flip the jar over to blend it, with no transfer of food required! Easy water filling. Compact design. Efficient steam cycle. 12 age appropriate recipes. Powerful blending performance. Blends meat, fish and pulses. Suitable for sauces and finger food. Efficient steam cycle. Retains cooking liquids. 

Philips Avent Combined steamer and blender
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Philips Avent Combined steamer and blender