Stuffed animals

Remember the good old days? Your beloved stuffed animal that would stick with you through thick and thin. It comforted you and was there whenever you needed to cuddle. Now, when you find it stowed away in an old box, it evokes childhood memories and brings a smile to your face. Back in the day, we all had a teddy bear, stuffed bunny, lion, tiger or other absolute favourite plush toy – our best friend and source of comfort who knew all our secrets. Steiff, who developed the first teddy bear in 1902, remains a well-known and popular brand to this day. Newer brands like Nici, Sigikid, Die Spiegelburg, bellybutton, Doudou et Compagnie, Fillikid, Jellycat, Käthe Kruse, Sterntaler, Simba Toys, Ty Glubschi and WMF are modernising cuddly toys. Nowadays, all heroes from popular series are available as plush toys – be it Paw Patrol, the Minions, Frozen, the Cookie Monster or Disney characters. No matter which cuddly little toy you choose, it’s guaranteed to be the perfect gift for Christmas, a birth, birthday or baptism. To ensure the stuffed animals become loyal companions and accompany your little one as long as possible, you should pay attention to good quality. First and foremost, if the stuffed animal is to become the favourite of the bunch, it must be fluffy and soft – in other words, perfect to cuddle. Any details, such as embroidered faces, must also look good. For newborns in particular, you should make sure that the lovey can be washed, that it’s fuzzy and durable, and that small parts can’t come off and be swallowed. In addition to the classics like teddy bears, your little one is sure to love zoo animals like monkeys, lions or elephants. Seals, cats, dogs, llamas, unicorns, octopuses, dolphins and penguins are also sought-after comforters, playmates and sleep aids and will gladly be taken along on every trip and adventure. More and more often, the modern children’s room may also include interactive models. These can, for example, parrot sentences or words. They bounce around, scold you, demand attention and thus promote an understanding of everyday needs. Hasbro offers such models with its FurReal Friends, which are available in the form of a parrot, cat, dinosaur or dog. If you prefer a cuddly toy with a warming cherry pit pillow or animal blanket, our wide range also includes those in our online shop.