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    Your kids’ hobbies are yours, too

    by Katja Fischer

Musical toys

Musical toys make children's eyes light up and at the same time promote the optimal development of your child. Mostly music toys are very colorful or have a special shape, therefore further learning content can be taught playfully. We now have a wide range of different shapes, sounds, materials, colors and types of instruments: for example, guitars, flutes, keyboards, harmonicas, drums, pianos and xylophones. We have toy instruments from the well-known brands like Mattel Fisher-Price, Bontempi, Hape, HABA, Lamaze, Small foot and many more.

When buying, you should make sure that the musical toy fits the age of your child. Soft toys with gentle sounds are recommended for babies. Instruments are more suitable for older children.

No matter what musical taste, in our online store you will certainly find the right musical toy, for musical hours.