Breast pumps

    Breast pumps

    Breast pumps are controversial. Some swear by the pump, others make a big bend about it. Breastmilk is the best food for your baby and it is recommended to feed only breastmilk for the first six months. A breastpump can support you in this. So that you don't get lost in the jungle of breast pumps when you make your decision, we have briefly compared the three biggest brands - medela, Ardo and Philips Avent - and the different types of breast pumps.

    Why you need a breastpump?

    Reasons for a breastpump can be of a medical nature: if you have problems with the attachment of the baby, insufficient milk production, excess milk, a baby that sucks too little or breast infections (such as mastitis). But there are also private reasons, for example you go back to work or want to give the father the opportunity to feed the baby. Which breastpump is right for you? There are two types of breastpumps: manual and electric. The electric version is available either as a single breastpump or as a double breastpump.

    Electric vs. hand-operated breastpump

    You operate a manual breastpump by hand. You don't need batteries or a socket. Manual breastpumps are ideal if you only need them occasionally, want to stay flexible or want to use them in addition to an electric pump. They're compact so you can store them in your handbag and take them with you. Electric breast pumps are more expensive than manual breast pumps. However, they are better suited for daily use as you can pump faster and more comfortably. Most models can be used with electricity and in an emergency with batteries or rechargeable batteries. With electric breastpumps, you can choose either a single breastpump or a double breastpump. With a double breastpump you save a lot of time: Both breasts are pumped parallel, which, according to medela, means that not only twice the amount, but generally more milk can be pumped. Tip: You can also test or rent electric breastpumps in pharmacies. If the use of a breastpump has been prescribed by a doctor, some health insurance companies will participate in the purchase or rental of a breastpump. It's worth talking to your health insurance company before you buy.

    Ardo, Avent or medela?

    Which brands are there and what distinguishes them? Medela has been working on breast milk research for over 50 years and is the best-known brand in Switzerland (data from medela). The milk pumps are manufactured in Switzerland. The range is supplemented with nursing bras and other breastfeeding products. Like the other brands, medela is recommended by professionals and midwives. Ardo breast pumps are also developed and manufactured in Switzerland. According to Ardo you can adjust all settings individually to your needs. Philips Avent is still relatively new in the breastpump segment, but is a well-known brand in the baby sector. According to Avent, their products are supported by research and clinical trials that coordinate with each other and are designed to adapt to specific needs.