Baby gates

Babies and toddlers are often curious and quite fast. To prevent them from falling down the stairs, simply walking into the hallway or exploring the apartment on their own, a safety gate is ideal. Protective grilles are often also referred to as door grilles or staircase protective grilles. As the name suggests, you place the grid in doorways or in front of your stairs. So your crawling baby, toddler or child can't just run away. The grilles are fastened with clamps or screws. Both length and height vary according to make and model. So you are guaranteed to find the right protective grille for you and your door.

In addition to universally applicable door and stair guards, there are also more specific application possibilities, such as flexible guards. These are usually longer, can be put together to a diamond and protect so fireplace, Christmas tree or the beautiful vase in the corner. You can often also put them together to form a kind of playpen. Frequently used materials are wood, plastic and metal. Neither the design nor the colours are limited. At you will find door and staircase guards from brands such as Hauck, Lascal, Pinolino, Safety 1st, Bettacare and Baby Dan.