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Elvie Pump (double pump) is a smart, slim, portable electric breast pump with a capacity of 300ml. Elvie Pump sits discreetly in your bra and can be controlled with the Pump with Elvie app for a seamless,
hands-free experience-so you can move freely.

Elvie Pump is the smallest, quietest and smartest electric breast pump.
With the new SmartRhythmTM pumping function, you can adapt it to your changing needs. Choose from four pumping rhythms to optimise milk flow while protecting your sensitive nipples or responding to heavy milk flow. So you pump smarter, not harder.

The slimmest4, most discreet design
Elvie Pump is the slimmest1 breast pump to wear in your bra for ultimate discretion when pumping hands-free. Feel carefree and safe to pump wherever you want-whether you're putting your feet up or at a football match.

Ultra-quiet2 thanks to Piezo-PowerTM
Only Elvie Pump uses powerful miniature piezo pumps that generate suction power with tiny discs and movements of 21,000 vibrations per second-that's beyond human hearing! And no one can compete with that.

Four pumping rhythms for individual adaptation
No two breastfeeding times are the same. That's why our SmartRhythmTM pumping function adapts to your changing needs. Choose from: 1. multi-switch to optimise milk flow; 2. express and collect for a stronger milk flow; 3. slow and gentle for sensitive nipples; 4. single-switch for automatic milk flow detection.

Only available on iOS. Android is in preparation.

Keep track with the Pump with Elvie app
You can control Elvie Pump from your smartphone, monitor milk flow in real time and track your pumping progress-all without reaching into your bra. It's easy to get started with the instructions in the app. Plus, you can save your favourite pump settings to get started quickly every time.

Save valuable time
No complicated manoeuvres-you can even change bottles while breastfeeding with just one hand. Assembles easily, with no tubes, hard-to-clean containers or disposable bags.


Complete hands-free design with no external cords or tubing.
Customise your pump to your needs with 4 pumping rhythms, 2 modes and 7 intensity settings, then save your preferred settings in the app.
Control the lights on your pump (brighter for night or dimmed for discretion).
Each reusable bottle holds 150ml of milk and is fridge/freezer safe.
Can be used for one or two-way pumping. Simply assign a side to each pump attachment to accurately track your pumping in the app.
Learn more about your pumping with the app's insights feature.
Includes two sizes of chest cups for the best fit. A third size can be purchased separately.
Only 5 parts to clean, by hand or in the dishwasher.
Includes a charger for each pump attachment for simultaneous charging and spare bottles so you're never empty-handed.
The closed system protects you and your baby. BPA-free and food safe.
Charges within two hours via micro USB, which is enough for 2.5 hours or 5-6 pumping sessions (depending on your settings).

Included in delivery

2 pump attachments
4 bottles (150 ml)
2 breast shells (24 mm)
2 chest cups (28mm)
4 valves
4 spouts
4 gaskets
4 reservoir lids
4 bra regulators

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Breast pump type
Electric breast pump
Power supply
Rechargeable battery operated
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Breast pump type
Electric breast pump

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Power supply
Rechargeable battery operated

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