Beaba Babycook Suisse


The all-rounder when it comes to baby food. The new Babycook Suisse is the latest model in the Babycook series. In contrast to the Babycook Original, it is slightly larger and has a completely new design. If you value freshly prepared baby food, then the Babycook is just right for you. You can prepare fresh and healthy baby food in no time at all. No matter whether you steam, mix, warm or defrost, the Babycook combines all these functions. And it's as simple as that: Cut vegetables into large pieces and place in the basket Put the required water in the container provided Start the steaming process. (approx. 15 minutes) Take out the basket and put the vegetables in the bowl Start the mixing process until the desired consistency is reached As soon as it is cooked, the whole thing is clean again Simply remove the mixing bowl, basket and knife with a handle and put them in the dishwasher Wipe the rest with a cloth and it is ready for the next use. Tips: cook two portions at once, one portion can easily be kept in the fridge for a day the bigger the vegetables are, the more vitamins are left in them. if you cook potatoes, the juice should not be used for pureeing They can also steam meat (except chicken, which should be prepared separately) add some oil or butter to the finished porridge and later on you can season the porridge as you wish Why a porridge cooker? Fresh porridge every day, and in no time at all no loss of vitamins due to freezing for too long the appliance needs very little space ideal for travelling and holidays only one appliance is needed, no blender, no extra pan.

Key specifications

Baby food makers functions
Defrost function, Keep warm function, Mixing, Steam cooking
Exact colour description
Dark grey
1100 ml
Item number