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  • Playspot Grey/Gold (178cm, 142cm)
  • Playspot Grey/Gold (178cm, 142cm)
  • Playspot Grey/Gold (178cm, 142cm)
CHF 98.50
Skiphop Playspot Grey/Gold (178cm, 142cm)

Question about Skiphop Playspot Grey/Gold (178cm, 142cm)

User rebecca.leah.walters

Yes the dimensions are correct.

It is not a rug, it is a floor mat that you piece together from foam floor tiles. Each square, circle, and 4-point star is an individual piece and you can put it together in whatever configuration you like. It comes with enough pieces for a mat of 20 squares (as pictured, configured in a rectangle of 4 squares x 5 squares).

Each square tile is just 14" or about 35.5cm so if you put it together in a 4x5 tile configuration, it is 178x142cm.

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