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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. LÂG Tiki TKU8S

No instrument embodies the Hawaiian flair as well as the soprano ukulele. Made of high-quality Sapele and finished with a soft French satin finish, this small cult instrument sounds and works in natural beauty.

2. Max Ukey Set

The UKEY Ukulele is a popular soprano ukulele kit, ideal for beginners. The ukulele originally designed in Hawaii has been incredibly loved in the last 80 years for its amazing sound, its practical size and extremely easy learning process. This well-constructed instrument has a body and top made of basswood that produces a bright sound with excellent sustain. (capacity of a musical instrument to continue the resounding of a note or tone) The kit comes with a handy digital tuner, two picks, extra strings and a durable handy bag. The nylon strings and eco-friendly design make it your favourite musical instrument. Have fun and learn music at the same time. 


Ideal for the first exciting and fun expeditions! 4 strings are much easier for the little ones to grip than 6 strings! With the free download of tips, exercises and first grips for song accompaniment, fun is guaranteed!





4. Enya Concert Ukulele

- Whole ukulele body is made of 2 pieces carbon fiber, durable and high quality construction. Waterproof and easy to clean.

- Compare with traditional ukuleles, Nova U has much brighter sound.With the side sound hole design,you can get a better resonance while playing ukulele.

- Lightweight and portable,Just take it and play where you go without worrying about temperature and humidity.

- Curved
and thin body, electric cutaway design make this ukulele fashionable and attractive, all level players will enjoy it.

- 23 Inch Carbon Fiber Beginner and Advanced Ukulele Set with Bag Strings Strap Capo Waterproof (White).

5. Winzz Anfänger Set

Winzz Anfänger Set (soprano)

Winzz Anfänger Set



6. Keiki K2 Set

The Keiki Ukulele Packs are available in 6 different designs, "The idea behind it, doesn't always have to be conventional". Color: Blue Top: Agathis Back & sides: ABS Neck: Okume Fingerboard: ABS Design: Spaceman Size: Soprano Playing style: Right-handed.

7. Leho MLUS-XM-NT

The MyLeho line will continue to truly surpass the sound quality of colored, plastic ukuleles with its long-researched “polysonic” arch back and amazing sound output. To UP what was already UP in the market, the MyLeho 156 line boasts a “solid spruce top” which confirms astounding resonance, perfect for outdoors and a play at the beach too.

8. Leho MLUS-146MMB

Style : SopranoCeiling : laminatedBottom : "Poly Sonic Back" laminatedFrames : laminatedFingerboard : laminatedScale : 350mm supplied without bag (sold separately, see accessories)

9. Populele Plus

One nice simple gift to begin a musical journey. Whole Body Carbon Fiber preserves you the traditional feeling and more. It applys high purity T700 carbon fiber reinforced composites material reproducing traditional sound of wood ukulele.

10. Cordoba UP100

A complete ukulele package containing an all mahogany Cordoba concert ukulele, travel bag, digital clip-on chromatic tuner with color display, picks, and a ukulele chord and lesson book including lessons from Alfred Music Publishing. Comes with Aquila Nylgut strings.