In this product type, you'll find classic acoustic guitars on the one hand, but also electric guitars and the semi-acoustic guitars in between.

We cooperate with
various music dealers and music stores to constantly expand our portfolio of guitars. You can buy guitars from us in completely different price segments. We also carry some children's guitars in our assortment.

In the acoustic guitar, the sound is produced by the hollow body. With the electric guitar, also called electric guitar, the vibrations of the strings are picked up by pickups on the body and reproduced by an amplifier. While the classic, acoustic guitar convinces with its warm, natural sound, you have the advantage with the electric guitar that you can adjust the sound or change it with effect devices. In addition, you can turn up the sound almost as loud as you want.

In addition to the brand, your taste is also a decisive factor when buying a guitar. You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes. Especially with electric guitars, where the body is not really crucial for the sound, there are various exotic models.